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Maharshi Box office collections report

maharshi box office collections

Maharshi box office collections report of first week and full run is here. The Telugu super star Mahesh babu’s 25th film has grossed over 130Crores in the first week despite of mixed reviews. The movie has got a splendid opening of 28 Crores on Day1 on May 09th. However , due to the mixed reviews the collections went down gradually but didn’t drop down as expected for an average rated movie. Maharshi box office collections had passed 100 Cr by Day 04 and it surpassed all the previous records of Mahesh Babu movies.

The movie’s box office collections had shocked the producers and the actor too and it forced them to go on success tour to keep the movie buzz on for the entire week. Glad that movie was released on Thursday and it helped to keep the cash registers ringing till Sunday. The Long four days weekend and the summer holidays had lead the Telugu families to bee to the movie halls. The first week maharshi collections have surpassed a 75 Cr share which is a huge record and a good relief the producers who initially thought the movie had bombed at the box office.

on Day 08 , i.e Friday the movie is still running in majority of the theatres in Telugu states. The release of new movie ABCD had reduced the theatre number but however the new movie bombed at the box office . Therefore , the life of Maharshi on silver screen is extended for another week. The Mahesh babu starrer is going to run with packed houses this weekend too as there is no other big movie around.

Maharshi box office collections would continue till the end of the May as per trade analysts and this would help movie to collect around 150Cr by the end of it’s run.

Petta Full movie online

Petta full movie online

Rajinikanth ” Petta “Full movie is available online on Netflix. Petta movie in Tamil and Telugu is available for free on Netflix.in Site. One can get free 30 days trial on Netflix to watch the Super star’s latest blockbuster movie. Petta movie had collected around 150 Cr on Tamil box office , however the movie was not a hit in Telugu version. The Telugu version failed to impress the audience as the story/plot of the movie didnt have any thing new for the Telugu audience.

Rajinikanth Petta full movie can also be downloaded from Netflix and watched offline. The story of the movie starts with the entry of Rajinikanth as a hostel warden in one of the top colleges on a hill station as an ordinary guy with some extra ordinary skills. The movie resembles the yesteryear blockbuster “Baasha”.

Mahesh Babu Hollywood Movie

Mahesh babu hollywood movie

Mahesh Babu Hollywood Spy movie is on the rolls and it is no more a rumor. The Tollywood Superstar who is anticipated to appear in an Indian James Bond kinda flick is now officially about to sign for a hollywood Spy movie. Actor, producer and director Mr.Bill Duke ( Predator and Commando Fame ) has leaked the information that the talks of an international spy based movie on the cards in which the Indian super star Mahesh babu is part of.

Bill Duke’s tweet confirms that the talks are on to rope in Mahesh babu and Murugadoss for an international spy film scripted by the Hollywood company.

In Every movie press meet of Mahesh Babu there pops up a question by either of his fan or the media folks about his upcoming Cowboy based movie or the Indian James bond. The Bahubali director too expressed his view to work with the superstar sooner but the scripting and dates have become huge difficulty for the fans of superstar to see him playing the spy role.

Thanks to Hollywood, Atleast the American film makers are cooking some thing delicious for the Indian fans of Mahesh Babu.

The word “Mahesh Babu’s Hollywood film” infact Hollywood film of any Indian superstar is no more a shocking thing for the Indians as the Budget and box office stamina of south Indian movies have gone up so huge with the success of Bahubali and Robo. With a good script and hyped subject/plot , the Superstars like Mahesh Babu, prabhas, Rajinikanth or Ajith/Vijay can let the producers run all the way to the banks laughing.

Sai Dharam tej mother divorced

sai dharam tej mother divorced

Sai Dharam Tej mother and father got divorced around 16 years ago as the marriage didn’t work well for them. The young rising actor and the nephew of the megastar Chiranjeevi had stated clearly that due to the differences they got divorced 16 years ago while he was in his Tenth standard in school. Since then he was raised by his mother who played the role of both father and mother.

His mother Vijaya Durga got married again to a Doctor in 2011 during his debut in to the industry through the movie ” Rey “.

He revealed these unknown facts in an interview with Idreams ” Frankly with TNR” that his mother’s second husband is a doctor and he works in the Care Hospital.

However, in another interview previously he is known to answer about his father as a Doctor. So he was not clear whether his mother’s both the husbands are doctors or he was citing his step father as the real father. Therefore, it is not clear if Dr. GVS Prasad is Sai Dharam Tej’s real father name or the step father.

Sri Lanka bomb blast video


Sri Lanka bomb blast video in church showing the suicide bomber carrying the bomb equipped bag. The suicide bomber has walked in to the church as one of the normal believer and joined the prayer during the Easter holy gospel. The other attenders are deeply involved in prayer while this man walks in.

Sri Lanka bombblast video in church.

KCR biopic by Ram gopal verma

kcr biopic

KCR biopic by Ram Gopal verma has been named as ” Tiger” .The most anticipated movie in the recent times was supposed to be started long time ago , however RGV was a little skeptical about making a controversial movie on the Telangana chiefminister as this would make his life hell in the city of hyderabad if some thing goes wrong. Finally, RGV announced his next venture and it is none other than the biopic of KCR. It is well known that RGV earlier mentioned that he would take permission from KCR to make his biopic in the way wishes to direct. It seems finally the controversial director seems to have got a Yes from the Telangana political stalwart.

Ramgopal verma officially announced on twitter about this film and the caption states ” Agressive Gandhi “. The caption aptly fits to the name of KCR as he was probably the rarest politician who lead the biggest movement in the history of post independence era ( Telangana movement ) but ensure no Andhra hailed person is hurt by the Telangana rebels.

best telugu movies of recent times from 2000 to 2019


Best Telugu movies of the recent times ( last two decades ) to watch with their Story/plot , Awards, Box office report, Star casting, Director etc are here below. Telugu movies have huge demand across the country and the satellite rights often cross 10 +Crores per film. Including the digital streaming rights and theatrical rights , an average Telugu movie makes 25Cr as pre release business of which the maximum crosses 100+Cr. Best Telugu movies of the recent times include movies of different genres like Periodical, Action comedy, horror , family entertainers and love stories.

Here below is the list of All time Best telugu movies to watch which are released during 2000 to 2019 :

10Kshemanga velli Laabhanga Randi ( Full Comedy entertainer ) Year -2000

Kshemamga Velli Labhamga Randi కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

This movie is considered as one of the best comedy movies made in the modern Telugu cinemas. This movie was huge smash hit among all the sections of the movie lovers. The movie is based on life style of three lazy and greedy men who trouble their families with their senseless acts. The hilarious healthy comedy will pass your day, however this movie was remade in Bollywood as
Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiyaa.

9Badri Pavan Kalyan , Amisha Patel and Renu Desai triangle love story. Year 2000

The Pavan kalyan starrer is a way ahead stylish movie made of that times in India. The Dressing, music, Choreography , mannerism, storyline and action scenes , every thing way ahead of times. The Beautifully picturized songs and stunts will steal your heart. Renu Desai and Ameesha patel are the best in their looks and with subtitles the movie is going to rock your time.


manoharam movie కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

The movie revolves around ISI Terrorism and it’s wrong linkage to a common man who is newly married and how the Indian wife helps him courageously come out of that trap. Manoharam has won 4 state awards and one national award for it’s new script and daring attempt.

7Chitram Year 2000

The young Uday kiran went on to become big star

Chitram was a low budget produced by Ramoji Rao which was made with just couple of million rupees in those days. Including the director ” Teja ” the star cast , music composer and many other involved in the movie were debutants.

Chitram was a smash hit which ran for more than 200 days in Telugu states. This movie is a Classic which can be watched even after 100 years by any Indian audience.

6Devullu a Child cum devotional family drama

devullu కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

The movie revolves around the two kids who wanders different temples of India as per the words of their grand mother in order to pair up the divorcing parents. The graphics work was well appreciated which was way ahead for those times and the content of the movie is so gripping that movie was a huge block buster. The Audio cassettes were seen in almost every temple in Telugu states.

5Nuvvu Nenu a Classical All time best love story

The movie was directed by Teja , starring Uday kiran and Anitha in the lead roles. Another lowbudget movie for director Teja and Actor Uday kiran.

This love story with little level of action was a huge block buster and trend setter in Telugu cinema history.

Nuvvu Nenu is one of the all time Classics of Telugu Cinema and it is one of the top 10 love stories ever made. It has some glimpse of Bobby starring Rishi kapoor but not the same.

4Manasantha Nuvve ( Ranks #1 among Telugu love stories in the last 2 decades )

Another Classic from the hit pair of Uday Kiran and Reema Sen. This love story is surely one of the top 10 love stories ever made on this earth. The feel, the back ground music, the story line of two kids with thick friendship depart their ways due to the livelihood. However deep in their hearts they convert the friendship in love and goes on to search for their soul mate.

Manasantha Nuvve is one such movie which is watched by almost all the film lovers in Telugu states. The movie ran for more than 200 days with housefull boards.

The first half of the Year 2001 mostly had commercial hits like Narasimha Naidu , Khushi and Murari and some wonder visuals like Mrugaraaju starring Chiranjeevi and Deviputhrudu ( a socio- fantasy film based on Dwaraka city ). However none of them are considered to be a worth watch by non Telugu audience. Murari starring Mahesh babu and Deviputhrudu can considered. The former is full of peak level acting performance by Mahesh babu and the later one is some gripping socio fantasy concept.

3Takkari Dhonga – A Cowboy movie

takkari dhonga mahesh babu కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

You want to watch Indian Macckenna’s Gold , those cowboys riding horses with guns and insearch of Treasure but you are worried India has no such actor who fits to be a good looking cowboy….. Oh Boy! Mahesh Babu ? How did you forget him? ….. The young Mahesh babu in 2002. Mahesh babu as handsome cowboy riding horse and shooting bullets all over in desert sand with beautiful Bipasha Basu and Lisa Ray……….. Not a great movie but the plot will make you stick your ass to the seat.

2Allari a quick comedy movie

allari కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

Another lowbudget movie with debutant Allari Naresh. The movie was a smash hit with good humor through out the movie. The movie had a fresh story of a young teenager struggling with teenage temptations. Not a classic though but a good movie to watch.

1Manmadhudu a classical matured love story Year 2002 December

manmadhudu కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

Manmadhudu means Mandmadh , the god of love as per Indian sacred scripts. This movie starring Nagarjuna in the lead role is a matured love story with full of humor and emotions. Sonali Bindre and Anshu played the female leads, the music was composed by DSP.

Manmadhudu is one such classic which is loved by Telugu audience to watch every time it gets played on TV.

Pavan Kalyan back to Films

pavan kalyan back to movies

Pavan Kalyan is back to the film industry and reportedly he is trying to get in touch with Ram Talluri and Mythri Movie makers. The top star of Tollywood film industry and who enjoys No.1 status along with Mahesh Babu has been away from the filmy career after the disasters like Sardar Gabbar singh and Agnaathavasi and got engaged himself with the Andhra politics. Since the elections are finished and there is clear understanding of YSRCP Jagan’s wave in the state, Pavan had lost his hope and is aiming to kick start his filmy career once again.

Pavan kalyan unusual to his known behavior had sent a bouquet to Mythri movie makers office wishing them about the success of their recent movie ” chitralahari ” ( the movie is actually rated close to average by audience). Pavan kalyan is known to be away from any of these activities and he is not seen wishing for Bahubali success too but shockingly he sent wishes to Mythri movie makers office indicating that he is keen in acting in movies again.

Post failure of Agnaathavasi, Pavan kalyan was reported to be in touch with Mythrimovie makers, Ram thaalluri etc and has also taken advance from couple of producers but however none of the movies kick started and he got himself busy in active politics in 2018.

The election affidavit of the Power star who contested from Gajuwaka constituency had also clearly mentioned in his affidavit about the money he took from some producers ( some of the sources indicate that these are actually advances for the movies he unofficially agreed to work ).

Anyways, since his political party ” janasena ” is not going to win the polls and as per most of the surveys the party doesn’t even have a chance of winning 5 seats. Therefore, there is no scope for Pavan kalyan to be part of active seats , even if he wins as MLA he would be willing to act in as many as huge budget movies in the next two years in order to make money. Asusual , he might be back in to active politics again by the end of 2022.



Kanchana3 movie director, cast&crew, producer, music composer, background music composer, release date and box office details are here. Kanchana3 is the fourth movie in the series of the block buster horror movie ” Muni ” starring Raghava Lawrence in the lead role. All the sequels including Muni was directed by Raghava Lawrence himself. Kanchana3 is also considered as Muni4 as it is the fourth movie in the series of Muni. All the movies are based on horror concepts with a touch of humor and sentiment.

Here below is the trailer of Kanchana3 :


Kanchana3 release date in Telugu is confirmed as April 19 officially by the Telugu producers.

Vedhika is playing the female lead role in the movie with other artists like Kovy Sarala, Nikki Tamboli, Sriman and Devadarshini.

Kanchana2 was a smash hit in Tamil and collected over 100+ Crores at the box office. However this part didnt do that well in the Telugu states compared to the second part in the Muni Series ..i.e Kanchana.

Kanchana was a huge blockbuster in the Telugu states collecting over 30Crs at the box office which was huge in those days. Kanchana3 is being released with huge expectations in Tamilnadu but the hype is not created in the similar way in the Telugu states. Though there is huge craze for Muni series movies in Telugu states and this part too is expected to have huge openings.

బరితెగించిన అజాం ఖాన్ ; జయప్రద లోదుస్తుల (Underwear) పై వ్యాఖ్యలు

jayapradha azam khan

ఉత్తరప్రదేశ్ సమాజ్వాదీ పార్టీ ( SP ) కి చెందిన వివాదాస్పద నేత అజాం ఖాన్ , ఎలక్షన్ మీటింగ్ లో జయప్రద లో దుస్తుల పై అసభ్యంగా కామెంట్ చేసాడు. “జయప్రద గురించి తెలుసుకోవడానికి మీకు 17 సంవత్సరాలు పట్టింది, కానీ ఆమె వచ్చిన 17 రోజుల కె నేను ఆవిడ వేసుకొనే అండర్వేర్ ఖాఖీ అండర్ వేర్ అని గుర్తించాను” అంటూ రాంపూర్ ప్రజలను ఉద్దేశించి భారీ సభలో ఆయన వ్యాఖ్యానించాడు.

జయప్రద రాంపూర్ నుంచి రెండు సార్లు ఎంపీ గ గెలిచినా సంగతి తెలిసిందే. ఇటీవల ఆమె (SP)పార్టీ నుంచి బయటకి వచ్చి బీజేపీ లో చేరిన విషయం తెలిసిందే. అలాగే తనను అజాం ఖాన్ ఆ రోజుల్లో ఎలా ఇబ్బంది పెట్టాడో పలు మార్లు మీడియా కి వివరించని సంగతి తెలిసిందే.

For Full video check the below link :


Maharshi Box office collections report

Maharshi box office collections report of first week and full run is here. The Telugu super star Mahesh babu's 25th film has...