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Amazon prime upcoming movies March 2019

Amazon prime upcoming movie

Amazon prime upcoming movies for March 2019 include some biggest movies from both Bollywood and south film industry. Prime had already uploaded Gully Boy Live in Concert in which Ranveer singh and Alia Bhatt performed live infront of the crowd in Mumbai. Here below is the list of upcoming movies on Amazon prime for March 2019 :


Yatra starring Malayalam super Mammootti

Yatra is a political biopic of late Y.S.Rajasekhar reddy ( the Ex chief minister of Andhra Pradesh). The movie Portraits the good side of Y.S as a politician and how he won the general elections in the year 2004 and became the CM. The movie might not sound interesting for the people who are not aware of Telugu politics. Yatra would be available on Amazon prime from around March 07.


Gully Boy , A Ranveer singh starrer …

Gully Boy is one of the most awaited upcoming movie on Amazon prime for this March.The movie is already a hit and will run with packed theatres for atleast till March first week. If you wait for another week, you can watch it again and again on Amazon prime, but dont hold your horses, go watch it in halls, as this is a must watch movie among the crowd. Kyoo ki…Thoo Nanga tho aaya hai.. kya Ghanta lekar jaayega!!!!

The Live concert of Gully Boy is already available from Feb 15

Ranveer performed live in Mumbai for couple of hours and this video is already available on prime.

Falaknuma Das

Falaknuma Das

Falaknuma Das cast and crew, genre, director, producer, release date, controversies and box office collections report are here below. The bold movie with the teaser gives the impression of a webseries rather than a feature film as it has lot of boldness in the concept and the language used. Director Tharun Bhascker plays the cop role and young actor ” Vishwaksen” played the title role Falaknuma Das and also directed the movie.

Starring : Vishwaksen, Prashanthi saloni, Harshita and Tharun Bhaskcer.

Vishwaksen had earlier acted in ‘ EeNagaraaniki Emaindhi” directed by Tharun Bhascker. Vanmaye Creations along with Vishwaksen cinemas and Terranova productions have produced the movie together. The teaser was quite impressive showing the rapid screen play and some bold dialogues. All the characters speak Hyderabadi accent of Telugu but the teaser gave a feel of a good webseries rather than a movie.

Romantic Telugu movie

Romantic Telugu movie

Romantic is a Telugu movie starring Akash Puri in the lead role directed by Anil Paduri. This is the third movie for Akash Puri as the lead actor for which Story , Screenplay and dialogues are provided by Puri Jagannadh. Anil Paduri is one of the long serving talented assistants of Puri jagannadh, who is also the father of the actor Akash Puri.

The Title Romantic itself suggests about a romantic movie but whenever Puri Jagannadh writes a movie, it is a sure shot non routine movie and that is the reason why despite of huge flops, the ace director is still enjoying grand openings for his movies. So Hopefully, Romantic is a Telugu movie narrating a romantic love story in an interesting tone.

Puri Jagannadh and Charmee Kaur are co producers for the movie.

Mr. Puri had earlier directed his son in Mehbooba which failed at box office and currently being streamed on Prime Video. The Ace director is current busy in directing ” Ismart Shankar” starring Ram Pothineni in the lead role.

Viswasam Box office report, breaks Mersal record

Viswasam box office collections

Ajith’s Viswasam Box office record had surpassed Vijay’s Mersal movie collections. Ajith’s movie had collected the gross of 130Crs in Tamil nadu state by 4th week and became the top grosser in the state of Tamil Nadu by breaking all the Non Bahubali records. The movie over all gross across the world is about to reach 200Cr by this weekend and will end as one of the all time grosser in Tamil industry.

Analysts have expressed that had the movie been released alone with out any competition ( Viswasam was released along with Rajinikanth’s Petta ) , it would have grossed 250Cr in the long run. However, the movie is still minting unbelievable money for the producers and the distributor share is also being considered as the highest for any tamil movie.

Viswasam box office collection share is 20+ Cr and is still running in 5th week and the movie still has a life of 2 weeks + on big screens.


The top 5 Tamil movies to collect highest box office shares to the producers :

Thala Ajith is now officially the largest crowd puller among the Tamil stars. If Ajith can eye on Telugu market ( he is already familiar and had couple of blockbusters in the past) where Vijay with multiple attempts had failed , Ajith can easily became the next super star of South India. Currently Rajinikanth is still considered as the actor with simultaneous grand releases in Tamil and Telugu followed by Surya. Surya has enormous craze in Telugu though being a Tamil star. However, Surya is lagging way behind Ajith in Tamil market.

Lakshmi’s NTR trailer

Lakshmi's NTR trailer

Lakshmi’s NTR trailer is all set to be released on Feb 14 , revealed Ram gopal verma , the director of the movie. RGV clearly mentioned that around 9:27 Am the trailer of the movie would be released on youtube. It is appreciated to reveal the date of the release as this is one of the most anticipated movie of the month , but however, mentioning the time as 09:27 is quite unusual as RGV is not known to believe any Muhurthams or astrology. So why a specific odd time for the release Mr.Verma?….

Any ways , the trailer can be seen here below on Feb 14:

Communist Party loyalists were given govt jobs in Tripura


Only Communist party loyalists have been given the government jobs in Tripura state , Said Narendra Modi in the public speech in Tripura today. Mr. Modi mentioned that after the formation of BJP government in this North eastern state, the merit holders started getting the government jobs. Communist party had always and every where created the same tradition of scaring people to support them or lose the government help. Here below is the video of the prime minister talking about the changes government is bringing in this backward NE state of India .

Pm Modi blames Communist party of giving jobs only to the party loyalists and not merits.

The PMO office had earlier released the data related to development of Tripura in the last 11 months under BJP rule. Around 1.5 lakhs of Subsidy based Toilets were built in the state and this is helping public in protecting their pride and health which are ignored by the Communist party of India since decades. Almost 2 lakhs of domestic Gas connections were provided on Subsidy basis helping north east women to avoid burning wood for cooking.

The office of the prime minister had also confirmed that around 20k homes were under the central government scheme in the state.

Latest Telugu movies


Latest Telugu movies list to watch for all the kinds of movie lovers, specially for the Non telugu speakers , this page would help you to find out which is the best telugu movie to watch as per your taste. Our Latest Telugu movies list also discusses about the star cast, a glimpse of what the movie is , director, genre of the film , review and box office report so that you can easily decide which movie you can opt to watch tonight with out wasting your time.

Latest Telugu movies list to watch :

6Nene Mukhyamantri

nene mukhyamantri movie కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

Nene Mukhyamantri is a political thriller with all new comers. The movie has got average ratings and is with a new plot. If you are just looking for a fresh plot and can manage even with some sub standards in making, then you can happily prefer to watch this movie.

5F2 Fun and Frustration

If you are comedy lover , this is a worth watching movie. It is a movie of two young married men who suffers the Nagging behavior of their wives and how they try to avoid it by chosing to go on long holiday with out informing any one.

4Mammootti Starring YATRA is a biopic of late Y.S Raja sekhar Reddy

సంబంధిత చిత్రం

Malayalam superstar Mammotti acted in a direct Telugu film after a long time and this movie is going to be so special for him and Telugu audience too. This is a story of a politician who walked thousands of miles to understand public issues and after becoming the chiefminister of the state how that journey on foot helped him in solving public issues. This is a real story with some commercial tough of the Ex- chiefminister of Andhra Pradesh Dr. Y.S.Raja Serkhar Reddy.

If you believe Y.S.R was highly corrupted politician in India, you might not believe him and also if you are congress part hater.

3Seema Raja a latest Tamil super hit movie dubbed in to Telugu

The Shivakarthikeyan starrer Seema Raja is a latest dubbed movie in which Simran the yesteryear star actress played the negative role. The movie was a huge mass commercial hit in Tamil and this sort of subjects are a huge hit in B &C centers of Telugu states also. So if you love the movies with attacks and counter attacks between the Antagonist and Protagonist and that too a female Antagonist , then it is a worth watch for you.

2NTR Kathanayakudu a biopic of NTR

NTR kathanayakudu is now available on Amazon prime to watch. This is the first part of the biopic and is based on how he rose to the level of super star.

1Mr. Majnu a romantic versatile love story

Hope you remember the Ram charan starrer “Orange back” in 2011 , this young love story might give you some what similar feeling but the two amazingly looking couple in the movie will give you a feel good factor. Sorry but this is the only passable love story from Telugu film industry for the month of Jan 2019.

118 Movie

118 movie

118 Movie cast&crew, director, Producer, release date and box office details are here below. The Kalyan Ram Starrer is directed by K.V Guhan and produced by East cost productions. Shalini Pandey is the female lead and this is her second movie with full character after Arjun Reddy. The Shekhar Chandra Musical is released by Aditya Music and the first lyrical song was released on Feb 08. Nivetha Thomas played another female lead role in this suspense thriller.

118 Movie teaser was released in December 2018 and the movie unit since then aimed for the release of the movie in March 2019. With the teaser the movie unit was successful in impressing the Telugu audience and also in passing on the message about a promising suspense thriller is on the way.


Rashtriya Brahman Front

Rashtiya Brahmin front

Rashtriya Brahman front is a political wing of Rashtriya brahmin sangh a group affiliated to the Telugu desam party. It is led by the TDP leader Sainath Sharma who hails from kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. The front’s main objective as per the members is to take the voice of the Brahmins across the country to the notice of ruling parties and get the justice. The members of the party claimed that Brahmins have no voice politically and have been ignored since decades and they would play the crucial role in demanding justice to the Brahmin section of the society.

RBF’s meeting at Janthar manthar in Delhi

ABN Andhra jyothi a Pro TDP news channel giving huge coverage to this front

The Party head Sainath sharma spoke to the attendees and the media and revealed their demand of setting up a National commission for Brahmins in the central and also to bring an atrocity case on the attacks happening on this community.

RBF , Is this to split BJP vote bank and favor Congress and TDP ??

There is obviously no brahmin representation in the majority of the political parties in India today and also none of the political parties in the country consider Brahmins as the vote banks as they have been stuck with Congress for decades until recent times but now the community itself is confused to choose whom.

Majority of the Brahmins are highly educated and do not show interest in political aspects. The community is mostly seen in the top level Public administration, Engineering, IT and Educational sectors and are not often seen politically active. Therefore, there is a need of political party which can encash their votes .

With the EBC bill passed recently , lower middle class Brahmins are highly impressed with BJP’s daring act . This would be make sudden shift of Brahmins towards BJP in central and state elections.

Political Analysts feel that the emergence of this political front and that too from the leaders belonging to Telugu desam party clearly indicates that the agenda behind this is only to split the Brahmin vote bank and harm BJP. Brahmins are shifting majorly towards BJP in the recent times and this is helping BJP to garner more votes despite of not allocating seats to any Brahmin candidate.

Brahmins have been one of the major vote bank for Telugu desam party in the recent times as majority of them were upset with Y.S Family for encouraging mass conversions to Christianity and also the way Evangelists were given free ride on Tirupathi hill during YS tenure.

However, with the recent changes in the state political system and the rise of BJP had scared TDP of losing some of the vote banks like Kapus and Brahmins. The vote bank of Kapus is being planned to manage via Pavan kalyan and Vangaveeti family but there is no popular person from Brahim community today in AP who can influence their votes. Couple of top retired IAS officers are already against TDP due to their scams and the priest hood section is firing on Chandra Babu naidu ever since the gold ornaments were stolen from Tirupathi temple. The recent temple demolitions in Vijayawada and the retirement issue of Tirupathi head priest had made TDP to lose Brahmin vote bank completely.

Loss of Brahmin votes ( though it is less 3%) might harm TDP a lot and may fetch BJP a couple of seats in the state and also this shift to favor YSRCP a lot. Therefore, there is an attempt to influence their votes via this political front.

No matter what Chandra Babu naidu does, there is no way he could impress Brahmins now as the situation had crossed the threshold limit with the issue of Tirupathi temple head priest’s insulting exit from the service.

TDP might have to bring Junior NTR ( Born to a Brahmin mother ) to gain back the Brahmin vote bank .

Nene devunni

Nene Devunni

Nene Devunni is a Telugu satirical feature film directed by Karunakar Sugguna. Karunakar also played one of the lead roles of the movie along with Swathi Naidu and Kalyan kumar. The movie shooting was finished on Feb 07th 2019 and from the day1 of it’s shoot the director had leaked some pics on social media raking huge controversy. The director who is also a well known hindu activist revealed about the subject of the movie as about exposing the frauds of some of the pastors and ChristianChurch. Karunakar Sugguna is a dalit hindu leader  and once was believer of Jesus christ. 

 The huge uproar for this short film Nene Devuni is due to several factors like :

  • Karunakar Sugguna being a Dalit won hearts of all the sections of Hindu society and earned huge respect for his work .
  • He was once a believer of Jesus christ who upon research and realization had reverted back to Hinduism and started questioning the frauds of the pastors.
  • His book The other side of Jesus is one of the popular anti church book available in Telugu.

swathi naidu short film

The movie director Karunakar sugguna gained followers with the controversial book The other side of Jesus. The renowned Hindu activist often seen in his youtube channel and public meetings exposing the frauds of Christian pastors. Pastors of Telugu states were highly upset with his book Other side of Jesus and director assured on his face book account that the movie too is going to irritate the fraud pastors one more time.

Swathi naidu the porn star plays a christian evangelist role
Crucial scene between the Karunakar sugguna and Jesus christ

Amazon prime upcoming movies March 2019

Amazon prime upcoming movies for March 2019 include some biggest movies from both Bollywood and south film industry. Prime had already...
Falaknuma Das

Falaknuma Das