Best ways to treat Cold &Flu natural way, and boost immune system to prevent cold in future

Best ways to treat cold naturally at home with out having any side effects. Cold and Flu treatment tips from your kitchen to avoid harmful side effects and Boost your immunity.

best ways to treat cold naturally

How to treat cold and flue in a natural way is often questioned by many urban folks. The doctors would divert them from natural ailments to take anti allergic and antibiotics which taken more could show negative impact on the individual’s immune system. The modern medicine works on the cold and flu condition by working on symptoms ( i.e indirectly ) . for instance, if you have cold with cough, sore throat and fever with running nose , then the doctor would suggest you One Antipyretic drug ( to control fever ), one anti allergic ( to reduce the cough and irritation of sneezes ) and then an Antibiotic with a Paracetamol.

Oh!There goes 5 to 6 pills to swallow in a day which goofs up your health system and makes you feel drowsy for the next couple of days.

Here are the Best ways to treat cold naturally and also to prevent it from future infection

Dry Ginger and Pepper mix ( Soup or Tea ) :

The Dry ginger and pepper are grounded to the powder and mixed in the hot water or the regular tea for better taste. This mixed spices work powerfully on the cold virus and gives instant heat to the body. This is an age old tradition in south India where in the Monsoon season ( July to September) this tip is followed in almost every home.

dry ginger and pepper powder కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం
The pepper could be even the round ones

This mix boosts up the immune system and directly works on the allergies irritating the patient. However, this mix doesnt work like Allopathy giving instant relief with side effects. This mix with hot water or tea needs to be taken couple of times in a day.

The easiest and the best way to treat cold at home with simple items is Steam tent.

steam tent for cold కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం
The bowl needs to be coovered fully to avoid any air escape for better results.

Boil a bowl full of water for few minutes so that it gives continous steam for atleast 2 to 3 minutes after it is taken off the stove. Add some grams of Menthol balm in the hot water and immediately cover the bowl with a long towel.

Put your head into the towel in such a way that the towel covers both your head and the bowl under with out leaving any gap for the outer air to pass in.

Now Inhale the vapour for 20 seconds and pull your head off the tent. After 2 to 3 deep breathes, put your head again in it and inhale the vapour. Repeat this few times until the water loses its heat.

Make sure the bowl is covered well in a way that it doesn’t loses the vapour much.

The menthol balms available on E commerce sites make your life easy. These balms are made of Menthol extract, Cinamom and Camphor extracts. Most of the balms include the Eucalyptus and Tulasi extracts which make it a perfect blend to cure your cold.

This method gives you immediate relief from sneezes and head ache. The temperature goes down miraculously and also helps you to get rid of all other allergies come with Flu.


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