Vivek joins BJP

Vivek joins bjp, the son of Telangana Congress veteraan Leader Venkataswamy and V6 Channnel owner Vivek venkataswamy joined bjp in the presence of Amit Shah.

vivek joins bjp

Vivek Venkata swamy joined BJP in the presence of Amith Shah. Union minister Kishan Reddy and BJP Telangana head Laksham too graced the occassion. The Son of Veteran Congress leader and ex central minister venkataswamy alias kaka is one of the key owners of Popular news channel in Telangana state called V6. Vivek’s joining in BJP had brought the saffron party closer to Lower castes in Telangana state.

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V6 Channel might come out of Pseudo secular colors and Turn a bit Pro saffron

Vivek’s family owns the popular news channel V6. Like all other news channels V6 too has some of the journalists and news readers who are pro Communists and Pseudo Liberals. However, with the joining of Vivek in BJP the channel might turn out to be a pro saffron channel or atleast try to be outright in presenting news.


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