Unknown things about actress Nagma


Nagma the ace actress who acted in multiple languages and enjoyed the star status in Telugu and Tamil industry had faded away from movie industry long back and tried her luck in politics. The step sister of another star actress Jyothika has not surfaced in the south indian media for long time. However, a senior Telugu journalist had raked the controversy by making some sensational comments on Nagma calling her Adamant, hyper sensitive, Alcoholic and fickle minded. The senior journalist Emandi Ramarao who has been the most important film critic and journalist in Telugu imdustry for 40 years had revealed some shocking things about this actress.

Parents got Nagma injected with growth harmones to look matured and sexy in early teenage

Like few south indian actresses, Nagma too was injected with growth inducing harmones which made her grow faster with full matured body in no time, claimed the senior journalist.

Her family did it to make her an actress in very early age and live on her income. Probably this harmonal injections have later on made her psychologically weak and fickle minded.

If you look at the above pics….. probably one can feel that the senior journalist was right. The other two sisters didn’t grew similarly but Nagma almost became adult in short time.

Mr.Rama Rao commented that the beautiful actress was very liberal and used to drink gin openly.


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