Telangana actors

Telangana actors list ,their names, their struggles and they got offers and more.


Telangana actors list with names, movies,controversies and more. It was a distant dream for the Telangana people to enter the filmy profession in the past. The film studios in Hyderabad treated them like third class citizens and most of the Telangana actors recollect how they were treated in their initial days. In the past decades , the first thing the role offerer would want yto know is the Candidates Cast and the second one “Where are you from ?….that strongly the regionalism factor infuenced the Telugu movie industry.

Telangana actors list

There were only handful of actors who were lucky to grab roles and charm on the silver screen till 90s. The initial decades were too cruel towards the desired candidates from Telangana. However few of them shined with their talent and luck .

6Prabhakar Reddy

Prabhakar Reddy hailed from the district of Nalgonda which is towards east of the Hyderabad and is adjacent to the Krishna district and Andhra where majority of Telugu film fraternities belong to.

Prabhakar Reddy was very Handsome ,brown skinned strong young man with gentle tone who would fit in any role. The educated man with strong command over English was highly famous for the Antagonist roles in his early career. He was the most versatile and the long serving actor as villain in Telugu cinemas.

He was the first choice for Mafia don or Smuggling king roles in 70s and 80s. He was the first choice for the role of characters like Dharmaraj or Janaka in the mythological films.

This Telangana hailed actor was forgotten and not given enough recognition post departure from film industry. He deserved better rewards than he received for his acting skills…Movie industry often remembers Jaggaiah and Satyanarayana but forgets this Telangana actor.

5Kantha Rao

Another actor from Nalgonda region who went on to become a huge star in Telugu cinema. He was a synonym for sword fight in Telugu states ( Kathi Kantha Rao he is remembered as).

Kantha Rao starred in Dozen of Bahubali kinda movie in those days with huge craze.

This Telangana actor didn’t receive enough offers in social contemporary subject movies though his periodical movies were huge hit. He faded away when industry stopped making periodic movies.

Though he was one among the ANRs and NTRs , he didn’t receive enough rewards and recognition. His death too went almost unnoticed. He had a great voice and tremendous acting skills ,he shocked with his cunning role in Nijam in 2004 which raked many questions as why industry ignored him for decades.

4Babu Mohan

Babu Mohan is probably the only luckiest actor from Telangana region who went on to become a top comedian and a politician too… Thanks to his God given dark colour and the facial features which made him a popular comedian in early 90s. The Tamil remake movies offered him tailor made roles which were already hit in Tamil. His combination with the super talented Kota Srinivas Rao helped him climb up the ladders easily . He went on to act more than 400 movies and then joined politics with his caste reservation and won multiple times.


Uttej was from Ramgopal Verma school. Verma who doesn’t seemed to a real rational thinker had given him a meaty role in the movie Gayam when he was very young. He danced with urmila in a popular song. He acted in RGVs Shiva too.

He worked with many directors and production houses but didn’t get many chances for his talent. He mostly had to depend on RGV school directors for roles. Most of his roles were offered by Krishna Vamsi , Teja etc who are from Ram gopal Verna school.

He penned powerful dialogues for Patriotic movie Khadgam which won several awards. He never got promotion in roles, whereas many inferior actors from grabbed away better roles during the same time.

2Vijay deverakonda

Telangana actor who only used Telangana accent for his initial movies and also mostly encouraged by Telangana directors. Vijay’s first lead role movie was Pellichoopulu which was directed by a Telangana director Tarun bhascker .

His next blockbuster Arjun Reddy too was directed by a Telangana belonging director Sandeep Reddy v anga who also directed Kabirsingh in Bollywood.

Vijay deverakonda ‘s first notable role was offered by Nag Ashwin who belong to the same district of Erst while Telangana ” Mahbubnagar”. They both hail from Acchampet region of South Telangana.

It’s not a surprise that a Telangana belonging actor was given the offers and made star by Telangana directors who were also happening to direct their first movies.

1Vennala Kishore

The Kamareddy belonging young man living in America was offered a funny role in the movie ” Vennala ” by Deva Katta. He played to the perfection and helped it become one of the most hilarious love story ever made in Telugu.

Vennala Kishore was a typical Telugu NRI who was working as soft ware professional in US. Post vennala he was offered a role in Chiranjeevi s film which he had to miss as his credit status wasn’t good in US and he didn’t want take any chance by missing the regular paying job. He took a short time to settle up issues in the states and decided to start career in Telugu cinema .

Telugu industry which is lacking comedians lately is using vennala Kishore in all the possible roles. Thanks to his amazing timing and facial features, he is filling the gaps of comedian and a comedy villain roles.


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