Shahid Kapoor demands share in profits for Jersey

Shahid kapoor hikes remuneration exponentially, smart producers instead offer share.


Shahid kapoor who had tasted 200 crore box office hit with Kabir Singh had increased his remuneration exponentially and demanded over 40 crores for his upcoming film “Jersey”. The shocked producers have expressed their disatisfaction and explained the actor about business impossibilities which made him to cut down the remuneration to a very little amount. However, he agreed for the lowest remuneration on the condition of 30% share in the theatrical profits.

It is already reported by that Shahid Kapoor’s upcoming movie is going to be another Telugu remake. Jersey ,a medium budget movie which went on to be a huge hit in the summer 2019 is being remade in Bollywood by the Telugu producers Dil Raju and Allu Arvind.

Smartest producers in South

These joint produces have bought the remake rights of the blockbuster Jersey. However to their shock the actor Shahid Kapoor has demanded a huge amount of 40 + crores as remuneration.

Dil Raju and Allu Arvind are considered as the smartest producers of the South India. They never loose money on a film. How would they agree to pay 40 crores to a mediocre actor like Shahid Kapoor when they don’t pay the same amount to even the top stars like Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan who can gross 100 crores with almost any movie.

This is where there Telugu business tactics have come into the picture. Telugu star actors who charge bomb per film are known to take shares in the profits in some cases.

These two Producers could convince Shahid Kapoor to act in Jersey for very low nominal amount has remuneration but however agreed to pay 30% of the profit they make in the theatrical business.

If the remuneration of Shahid Kapoor is excluded the movie is expected to be completed on a budget of 50 to 60 crores. The market of Shahid Kapoor’s currently hai and also show the unique selling point of this film would be its high success rate in Telugu.

The movie could be easily sold at a price of hundred crores to the buyers. if the movie receives the similar reviews and ratings that it received in Telugu it would be easy for the movie producers to to collect at least 150 crores at the box office.

Unlike Kabir Singh Jersey is a emotional rollercoaster which would appeal the multiplex audience a lot. Even in this way the Kapil Singh star would be played close to 40 crores as remuneration because making 30% off profit would be close to 40 crores.

Anyways the producers would have satellite and digital rights to make another 50 crores.


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