Rashtriya Brahman Front

Rashtriya Brahmin front , A Political front to favor Brahmins or to Split BJP vote bank ? A deep Analysis behind the party formation.

Rashtiya Brahmin front

Rashtriya Brahman front is a political wing of Rashtriya brahmin sangh a group affiliated to the Telugu desam party. It is led by the TDP leader Sainath Sharma who hails from kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. The front’s main objective as per the members is to take the voice of the Brahmins across the country to the notice of ruling parties and get the justice. The members of the party claimed that Brahmins have no voice politically and have been ignored since decades and they would play the crucial role in demanding justice to the Brahmin section of the society.

RBF’s meeting at Janthar manthar in Delhi

ABN Andhra jyothi a Pro TDP news channel giving huge coverage to this front

The Party head Sainath sharma spoke to the attendees and the media and revealed their demand of setting up a National commission for Brahmins in the central and also to bring an atrocity case on the attacks happening on this community.

RBF , Is this to split BJP vote bank and favor Congress and TDP ??

There is obviously no brahmin representation in the majority of the political parties in India today and also none of the political parties in the country consider Brahmins as the vote banks as they have been stuck with Congress for decades until recent times but now the community itself is confused to choose whom.

Majority of the Brahmins are highly educated and do not show interest in political aspects. The community is mostly seen in the top level Public administration, Engineering, IT and Educational sectors and are not often seen politically active. Therefore, there is a need of political party which can encash their votes .

With the EBC bill passed recently , lower middle class Brahmins are highly impressed with BJP’s daring act . This would be make sudden shift of Brahmins towards BJP in central and state elections.

Political Analysts feel that the emergence of this political front and that too from the leaders belonging to Telugu desam party clearly indicates that the agenda behind this is only to split the Brahmin vote bank and harm BJP. Brahmins are shifting majorly towards BJP in the recent times and this is helping BJP to garner more votes despite of not allocating seats to any Brahmin candidate.

Brahmins have been one of the major vote bank for Telugu desam party in the recent times as majority of them were upset with Y.S Family for encouraging mass conversions to Christianity and also the way Evangelists were given free ride on Tirupathi hill during YS tenure.

However, with the recent changes in the state political system and the rise of BJP had scared TDP of losing some of the vote banks like Kapus and Brahmins. The vote bank of Kapus is being planned to manage via Pavan kalyan and Vangaveeti family but there is no popular person from Brahim community today in AP who can influence their votes. Couple of top retired IAS officers are already against TDP due to their scams and the priest hood section is firing on Chandra Babu naidu ever since the gold ornaments were stolen from Tirupathi temple. The recent temple demolitions in Vijayawada and the retirement issue of Tirupathi head priest had made TDP to lose Brahmin vote bank completely.

Loss of Brahmin votes ( though it is less 3%) might harm TDP a lot and may fetch BJP a couple of seats in the state and also this shift to favor YSRCP a lot. Therefore, there is an attempt to influence their votes via this political front.

No matter what Chandra Babu naidu does, there is no way he could impress Brahmins now as the situation had crossed the threshold limit with the issue of Tirupathi temple head priest’s insulting exit from the service.

TDP might have to bring Junior NTR ( Born to a Brahmin mother ) to gain back the Brahmin vote bank .


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