Payalrajput boyfriend

Payal rajput boyfriend, RX100 actress leaked the romantic pic of her with boyfriend at hill station.


Payal rajput with boyfriend has turned the attention of filmy lovers when she shared one of her photo on social media in which she is seen with a strange man in a very close manner. Some official Accounts reacted to the pic commenting as Love birds. Hence, there is no doubt Payal Rajput is in relationship and her boyfriend is the one shown in the pic. The RX100 Actress is with Boyfriend in a hill station and mood depicts the Romantic times of the couple.

Payal Rajput has become a crazy actress with the movie RX100 which was a smash hit in Telugu. The bold character of sexually using a young man had helped her bag more roles in her upcoming movies. Payal carries huge craze and is a known face among the youth in Telugu states. The popular Song ” Pilla Raa …”” is still one of the chart busters even after a year.

Payal is currently acting in couple of Telugu and Tamil movies.

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