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Ramcharan aims on Overseas records with Vineya vidheya rama

Vineya vidheya rama overseas records

Ramcharan’s Vineya Vidheya rama overseas box office collections would measure Ramcharan’s overseas popularity. The Boyapati directorial Vineya Vidheya rama is all set to release for this Sankranti festival would easily breaks most of the existing first week box office records in Telugu states but however the most difficult task for this movie would be to do well at the US box office for various reasons. One of the major reasons would be the pathetic track record of actor in overseas box office collections. Though, with ‘ Rangasthalam ‘ the son of Megastar had proved that he too has craze over NRIs but this success would not give him the complete credit as the director Sukumar obviously played the huge role in this success as his versatile subjects always appealed overseas audience and his directorial movies like ” One Nenokkadine” are the evidences.

tollywood top overseas records

The movies like Aa Aaa , Janatha Garrage, Agnathavaasi, Attarantiki Daaredi, Arjun Reddy, Dookudu, Aagadu , Jai lava kusa, Spyder etc stands one after the other with slight differences in the collections and Ramcharan’s second movie in the list would not stand in the top 20 list. Whereas the other stars like Mahesh babu has more than 6 movies in top 20, NTR with 4 shows that these two stars are way ahead of Ram charan in terms of craze at over seas. Even the New comer like Vijay Devarakonda has 3 movies in top 20 but Ramcharan has only one movie Rangasthalam . Therefore though it stands first , the credit cannot be given to Ramcharan but to the director Sukumar and the actress Samantha as she has 5 movies in the top 20 list.

The only factors for this movie VVR to work extremely well at the US box office specifically is the festive season and the recent success of Ramcharan might pull some more audiences towards the halls but the major drawback would be the director Boyapati Srinu who is considered as current days ” V.V.Vinayak /B.gopal ” whose movies include mindless violence and mass entertaining facts which usually do not appeal the US audience.

However, since there are not any other bigger stars movies hitting the screens this week ( NTR starring Balakrishna would not be the choice of many and F2 starring Venkatesh and Varuntej is considered to be a medium range which had not created any impact through it’s trailer) Ramcharan’s Vineya Vidheya Rama stands first in the choice list for the families and the masses.

Telugu people specially the Andhra region folks consider the new movie watching as a must during the three day Sankranti festival and this is the reason why most of the huge budget movies are opted for the release during this season to make the advantage of it.

Actor Shivaji works for TV9 channel – ComedianPrudhvi Raj

actor shivaji works for tv9

Actor Shivaji works for TV9 office in America and he secretly seems to work for TDP, claims comedian Prudhvi Raj. He confirms that as per his information he works in TV9 related office in US and obviously he is appointed to work on some agenda and that’s why he enjoys full coverage by TV9 atleast once in every week. Shivaji who created sensation by talking in prime time in telugu news channels about the alleged conspiracy of BJP on conquering south India claimed to be ” Operation Garuda or lateral it was renamed by the same actor as Operation Dravida.

Prudhviraj who recently joined opposition YSRCP party had answered to a question in an interview with suman tv about actor shivaji raja and his half baked conspiracy of BJP , that Shivaji’s words need not to be taken seriously as he raises his voice only on selective issues in the support of TDP and he obviously works with TV9 office in US.

EBC bill,10%reservation for general category passed in Loksabha.

EBC bill passed

EBC bill to provide 10% reservation for economically backward general category is passed in Loksabha on Tuesday. The Narendramodi cabinet had approved this on Monday and the very next day the bill was introduced in Loksabha. The EBC bill now has to pass in Rajsabha in order to be implemented in jobs and education sectors. The long lasting demand of General category who make up to 10 to 15% of population of the country is being fulfilled after 72 years of Independent India. The opposition parties have no option to oppose this move as they are feared to loose this important vote bank.

EBC bill passed.

Narendra Modi leading BJP party had lost multiple elections in the last one year with little margins and the thorough review of the lost polls had proved that the general category public who stand as major vote bank for the BJP since it’s inception are very upset that their long lasting demand is being ignored. Therefore, the Prime minister had decided to make this happen to turn the tables overnight and this had put the Congress and other opposition parties in sudden shock.

Bad chief minister of India is Pinarayi Ravi , shows Google

bad chief minister of india kerala cm pinarayi ravi

Bad chief minister of India is Kerala’s current communist party chief minister Pinarayi Ravi as per the Google search results. Majority of the results for the most pathetic chief minister of India is Pinarayi Ravi of Kerala followed by Arvind kejriwal and Chandra babu naidu. Pinarayi Ravi is not much seen in the national news due to some unknown reasons but due to the recent controversial issue of Women entering Sabaramila Temple and the kerala govt and Police’s hyper reaction on this issue has made this communist leader as the most hated political in the country. His Government’s failure during the recent floods also added disappointed the public a lot and made him the most worst CM of India in the recent times.

Google gives the above result for the search bad indian CM

The Communist party of India is obviously the most hated political party among the educated classes of the country. However, their politicians are not recently seen achieving top positions due to it’s pathetic performance in the elections from the past 2 decades. However, due to it’s deep rooted establishment in Kerala’s educational institutions, Labor organisations etc the Comrades still have their breathe fresh in this southern most state of the country. The party is also rumored to have the support of the Christian church of the state and it is alleged that due to this influence the communist party had took an advantage to malign the holiness of the Sabarimala temple by allowing and protecting the non hindu women into the temple.

Couple of non Hindu women ( first woman was infact a muslim model) including the non believing Communist activists were allowed to trek the Sabarimala mountain and reach the holy temple where the menstruating women are not allowed as per the thousands of years of tradition. The Hindus of entire India were upset about this brutal an coward act of the kerala government allowing the non hindu women who have no belief in the hindu spirituality but only willing to enter the temple to hurt the sentiments of the 70Cr Hindu population. The women who wanted to participate in the controversial act were helped and guided by the kerala government and thousands of Police were deployed around this mountain to ensure this unholy takes place. The protested devotees were put in prison and several devotees were manhandled by the police so brutally that couple of them dead in the police attack.

This mindless act of the government had made the Pinarayi Vijayan the most hated Chief minister of the country. Mr. Vijayan who was supposed to be engaged in restoring the state after the severe floods instead was seen creating a fuss in the state by overly reacting on the supreme court judgement on allowing women in to the temple. Kerala once the richest state of India is suffering with unemployment problem due to which the the keralites have become the most migrated people in india along with the Punjab sikhs.

Manufacturing Industries or even IT based companies are very less seen in this southern most state whereas the rest of the south Indian states provide huge number of employment with the presence of almost all the multi national companies starting from Microsoft to Amazon. The entrepreneurs find it very difficult in establishing their companies in this natural rich state due to the hyper Marxism and Communism.

Modi approves 10%reservation for General Category, Bill to be introduced in Parliament.


Modi cabinet approved reservations for general category people. The students and job aspirants of OC, General category are going to be eligible for reservations after the bill would be successfully passed in the Parliament. The families under Rs. 8 lakh of income would fall under this category. However, this bold move would rake huge agitations in the country as the opposition would provoke other scheduled and backward sections of the society.

ఎం ఐ ఎం స్పీకర్ అయితే నేను ప్రమాణ స్వీకారం చెయ్యను — బీజేపీ ఎంఎల్ఏ రాజా సింగ్

raja singh mla sensational comments

బీజేపీ మ్మెల్యే రాజా సింగ్ , ఎం ఐ ఎం పార్టీ మెంబెర్ ని స్పీకర్ ని చేస్తే తాను ప్రమాణ స్వీకారం చెయ్యను అని సంచల నిర్ణయం తీసుకున్నాడు. రాజా సింగ్ తన నిర్ణయాన్ని సమర్ధించుకుంటూ తగిన కారణాలు వివరించారు. నిజాం సర్కారు తొత్తు గా ప్రవర్తిస్తున్న ముఖ్యమంత్రి కెసిఆర్ ఎం ఐ ఎం ముంతాజ్ ఖాన్ ని స్పీకర్ గ నియమిస్తే , తాను అతని సమక్షంలో ప్రమాణ స్వీకారం చేయబోను , ఎందుకంటే ఎం ఐ ఎం పార్టీ వాళ్ళు దేశ వ్యతిరేక శక్తుల్లా ప్రవర్తిస్తారు , మరియు కానీసం వందేమాతరం , భారత్ మాట కి జై అని అనడానికి సంకోచించే వ్యక్తులు స్పీకర్ పదవి కి ఎలా అర్హులు అవుతారో కెసిఆర్ సమాధానం ఇవ్వాలి అని రాజా సింగ్ ప్రశ్నించారు.


Sarvey Satyanarayana Suspended from Congress party

sarve satyanarayana suspended

Sarve Satyanarayana is suspended by the Congress party disciplinary committee today during a party official meeting. The Ex MP from Malkajgiri Constituency ( the largest constituency in India) had been alleging that the inefficiency of the TPCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy and State Congress Incharge Mr. Kuntia had lead to the pathetic defeat of Congress party in the recent general elections in which the TRS party had made a land sliding victory. Bollu Kishan another new congress emergent had revealed to the press that they both had exchanged the abusive words and that lead to the suspension of the Mr. Satyanarayana.

Sarve Satyanarayana had been upset with Uttam Kumar reddy since some time now

Bollu Kishan had mentioned that Mr. Sarve had initiated the verbal abusive war on him which lead to his suspension. Sarve has been upset about Bollu Kishan being made the general secretary of the Telangana congress party, he was seen expressing his dissatisfaction about giving him the higher position in the congress party as unworthy as there are many more prominent and senior leaders who are facing the neglect as a result the congress party had faced decline the last decade.

Flipkart Sachin Bansal pays 699 Cr as Advance tax


Sachin Bansal had reportedly paid 699Cr as Advance tax for this quarter to the government of India. The Flipkart co -founder had made huge profits after he sold his majority of the shares to the American Giant Walmart. The other co founder Binny bansal had not declared his profits yet. The huge deal in the E- commerce segment had ended up with Walmart buying 77% of shares in Flipkart.com and the majority of the share holders have made merry out of it. Though both the founders have sold their shares, they continue to be the board of directors of the company with the left over shares.

This news had popped out when IT department of Government of India had sent notices to both the founders asking to reveal the deal made by them with Walmart. The department had also sent notices to Walmart post deal to submit their data related to taxes. Walmart had acquired majority of the Flipkart shares for 16 Billions dollars which is the highest deal in the Indian E- commerce segment. Out of the deal , Sachin Bansal had reportedly made the money of around Rs.6700 Cr by selling his majority of the shares and Binny Bansal had made around Rs.700Cr for selling some of his shares.

Sabarimala burnt down by Christians , claimed CID in 1958

Sabarimala ayyappa temple burnt down by local Christians
Picture for representation purpose only, the official CID report can be seen in the below link

Sabarimala Ayappa Temple is obviously burnt down by local christians , claimed the investigation team from CID who were appointed to find out the causes of the damaged temple in 1958. The Temple was set on fire and the main door of Holy sanctum was damaged and was with the marks of multiple Axe blows. The similar Axe marks were seen even on the Idol of Ayyappa. The Central investigation department of India had thoroughly examined and proved that the fire was not an accident but the deliberate attempt as there is no scope for the fire to catch with in the temple and also if it was an accident, there idol wont be damaged with multiple axe marks.

Mr.K. Keshava Menon , The Deputy inspector general of police ( CID) reported the above matter in his 38 pages investigation report. The officer clearly expressed his view based on a long investigation with local tribals, hunters , the last temple priests party which left on the last day and based on the series of incidents happened before the incident that the locals are fanatic christians being groomed by the church which is upset about the existence of the Sabarimala Temple as it is standing as a barrier for the church to attract more tribal devotees to the church .

Here below is the link where one can find the entire investigation report :


Teja’s New Seeta is Old Savitri?


It is all in the news that director Teja is directing Bellamkonda Srinivas and Kajal, and the movie is titled Seeta. Bellamkonda Srinivas and Kajal joined hands for Teja, after their recent film Kavacham.
It looks like Kajal and Srinivas are excited for this ‘Seeta’ but the director seems to have pulled his shelved film back with this new title. If reports are to be believed, Seeta is the same film that was planned with Venkatesh before a long time and due to unknown reasons, the film could not move on with the shoot. Then it was Savitri, now it is Seeta, they say.

If we could recall, Teja and Venkatesh tried to join hands twice but nothing seems to have worked favorably to take the movies forward, both the times. It is known that Teja walked out of NTR biopic due to creative differences, much before Krish entered the scene. The controversial director also canceled his plans to make a biopic on Uday Kiran and dropped those plans too.

500 నోట్లను ముక్కుకి రాసుకొని అల్లాహ్ వల్ల ఇప్పుడు corona వ్యాప్తి చేస్తా అని...

కరుణ మహమ్మారి వల్ల దేశ వ్యాప్తంగా ఇబ్బందులు పడుతున్నా సామాన్యజనానికి కొందరి వికృత చేష్టలు అసహ్యాన్ని మరియు భయాందోళనలను కలిగిస్తున్నాయి. కొందరు కరోనా బాధితులు డాక్టర్లపై ఉమ్మి వేస్తూ...