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Nowhera sheikh education qualification is just 9th standard

nowhera sheikh education qualification

Nowhera sheikh education qualifications have been revealed by the investigative agencies. The EOW officials in Mumbai have submitted a 3000 page chargesheet to the court. Nowhera who was arrested by central crime station in Hyderabad last year have concluded that she was faking her doctorate degree. She initially claimed she had a doctorate and then later mentioned that she was offered doctorate by a Dubai based organisation for her charity works. Recently the Mumbai EOW have taken over her custody on a 500Cr scam and in the process she revealed that she could only pass 9th standard due to her family conditions.

The lady from Chittor district of Andhra pradesh was once a vegetable seller who later started gold trade which fetched her good contacts and knowledge in various money schemes which lead to the foundation of Hera group in 2008. By 2014 the group had started 17 companies.

Sunny Leone Rangeela

sunny leone new movie

Sunny Leone is all set to debut in Malayalam industry with ” Rangeela” being directed by Santosh Nair and produced by Jayalal Menon. Sunny happily announced it on twitter on 23/01 about her new movie which kick starts it’s shooting in first week of February. The Movie is being produced under the banner Back water studios. Sunny is currently acting in ” Veera mahadevi” a Tamil movie which is also going to release in Malayalam but since that is going to be a dubbed movie, Sunny considers Rangeela as her first movie in Malluwood. The Hot dancer is also appearing in a special song in the movie of Mammootti.

Bal Thackerey Biopic releases tomorrow

Thackerey movie

Bal Thacekerey biopic starring Nawazudding Siddique in the lead role is all set for the release on 25th Jan on the occasion of 93rd birth anniversay of the legend. The Sensational people’s Messaiah who successfully lead India’s most followed organisation “Shivsena” is considered as the savior of Hindus in Muslim Mafia influenced Mumbai. The movie ” Thackerey” is directed by Abhijit panse. The movie is currently releasing in Marathi and Hindi though this man has following across the country.

The dialogue in the movie shown in trailer “ Uthao lungi , bhajao pungi ” created an uproar as some groups alleged that this was a satire and hate speech on South indians who mostly wore Lungis back in 90s. However, Bal Thackerey is not known for attack on fellow Indians except the Shivsena’s hyper entusiasm in controlling some Bihari and UP based goons in Mumbai who created a terror among the Marathis. Maratha people always got the asylum under the protection of Bal Thackerey, whether it was Mafia or other settler rowdies. The political party Shivsena currently holds more than 10 MP seats from Maharastra state.

Shobhan Babu Ring hair style

shobhan babu ring

Shobhan Babu ring hair style was the most famous hair style among any Indian actor in those decades. Millions in south India tried to have the hair style of Shobhan Babu but the most interesting thing is that this hair style was suggested by Jaya lalitha. Yes, the Ex chiefminister and alleged love lady of this super star. Imandhi Rama rao , the film writer and very close aid of Shobhan Babu in those days revealed how Shobhan babu opted for that kind of hair style. He mentioned about the bondage between Jayalalitha and Shobhan Babu and explained how the ” C” shape ring was suggested by Jayalalitha.

Jayalalitha loved to see Shobhan babu in the C shaped hair hanging on his forehead and thats how the handsome actor of 70s and 80s had opted to have this peculiar hair style which remained as trend setter for more than 3 decades in south India.

Mojo Tv insults Dalit leader;దళిత నాయకుడిని కించ పరిచిన మోజో టీవీ

mojo tv anti hindu

మోజో టీవీ మొదటి రోజు నుంచే హిందూ వ్యతిరేక వార్తలతో పబ్బం గడుపుకుంటోంది, కమ్యూనిస్ట్ అయ్యి ఉండి శబరిమల వెళ్లి అపవిత్ర కార్యం చెయ్యడానికి రెడీ ఐన ఒక ఆడ జర్నలిస్ట్ ని ఎంకరేజ్ చేసిన టీవీ ఛానల్ . ఈ రోజు అన్ని హద్దులు ధాటీ , ఒక దళిత నాయకుడు అయినట్టు వంటి , హమారా ప్రసాద్ గారిని డిబేట్ లో కూర్చో పెట్టి , చుట్టూ అందరూ హిందూ వ్యతిరేక సభ్యులతో, ఇద్దరు న్యూస్ రీడర్స్ తో అసలు మాట్లాడే అవకాశం ఇవ్వకుండా, అతను ఇచ్చే సమాధానాల్ని అపహాస్యం చేస్తూ వెర్రిగా ప్రవర్తించడం వీక్షలుకు విసుగు తెప్పించింది. ఒక దళితుడిని రౌండ్ అప్ చేసి అతన్ని కనీసం మాట్లాడే అవకాశం ఇవ్వకుండా, అతను చెప్పిన దానికి వేరే టాపిక్ ని జోడించి , అంటరాని తనం వున్నా మతం లో మీరు ఎందుకు వున్నారు అన్నట్టు అపహాస్యం చేయడం, అంటరాని తనం హిందూ మతం లో ఈ రోజు లేదు అని ఆయన అన్నందుకు , నవ్వుతో మళ్ళి అవహేళన చేశారు.

Hamaara Prasad, the Dalit leader had expressed his views on facebook about how he was humiliated by MojoTv in below video :


Here below are some of the comments of the viewers who expressed their views on Mojo tv’s mindless behavior.




Ismart shankar movie
Ram with Director Puri and Co producer Charmee

Ismart Shankar is a Telugu movie directed by Puri jagannadh and Ram Pothenin playing the title role. The movie shoot started today in Purijagannadh’s office in Hyderabad and is expected to release in Summer 2019. Charmee is co producing this movie along with Puri. The first shot was taken under the presence of Sravanthi Ravi kishore who switched on the Camera and the clap was given by Charmee. Ram Pothineni who has been struggling with consecutive failures is expecting Ismart shankar to turn out a “Pokiri” for him as Puri jagannadh is known to give come back life to couple of stars in Telugu industry. Mahesh Babu achieved superstar status with Pokiri and NTR has tasted a come back success with ” Temper” which are directed by Puri Jagannadh. Puri too had delivered both the above movies while he was in deep trouble with his career like how today he is. Purji Jagannadh has been delivering consecutive failures from past 3 years and the entire team is hoping to bring back the glory of the star director.

  • Charmee is the co Producer
  • Savyasachi , Majnu starrer Nidhi Agerwal as the female lead role
  • Manisharma is back as Music Composer . Manisharma earlier composed music for Puri’s Pokiri which was a smash hit

Ismart shankar director Purijagannadh is known to wrap up the shoot very fast and is considered as the only south indian director who can shoot the movies in 2 to 3 months. So Audience can wish for a Pokiri again this summer.

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Ranveer singh upcoming movies

Ranveer singh upcoming movies

Ranveer singh upcoming movies list with details of cast&Crew, directors, producers and release dates are updated here. Ranveer singh has become one of the top stars of Bollywood and his movies have turned out as the most anticipated movies by the audience. The Movies like Bhaji rao mastani and Padmaavat have earned huge fans across the nation. Ranveer is considered as the luckiest actor in Bollywood as in the initial stages of his career itself he got to act in periodic movies as lead actor. Even none of the Khans have ever got this opportunity to act in the periodic movie ( of course, they don’t suit well for those roles and that is a different matter).

Here below is the list of Upcoming movies of Ranveer Singh with full details :

2Gully Boy , Ranveer singh upcoming movie based on Rapper musician.

Gull Boy is the very next movie of Ranveer singh which is likely to release in February 2019. The movie is based on the struggles of a rapper hailing from Mumbai slum who dreams big. It is directed by Zoya Akhtar and produced by Excel entertainments. Alia Bhatt is playing the female lead role and Kalki Koechlin , Vijaay Raaz , Siddhant Chaturvedi in other important roles.

1Ranveer singh upcoming multistarrer movie Brahmastra

The movie Brahmastra is a multi starrer with Nagarjuna , Amitabh Bacchan and Ranveer singh in the lead roles. The Karan johar production venture is a periodic movie which is reported to be released in 3 parts.

Mithai movie release date Feb22

Mithai movie

Mithai movie starring Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna is all set to release on February 22. The Dark comedy entertainer directed by Prashant kumar is produced by Dr. Prabhat kumar. The movie inaugural function was attended by Pellichoopulu movie unit and it received enough attention back then but the movie unit went silent for so long time during the shoot and finally they have opted to start the promotion exactly before 30 days for release. The movie makers earlier claimed this to be the first ever complete dark comedy movie in Telugu.

Chiranjeevi Upcoming movies

Chiranjeevi upcoming movies

Chiranjeevi upcoming movies details with movie titles, directors, actress, story/plot, release date and box office estimations. Tollywood Megastar Chiranjeevi has come back to his movie career and achieved huge success with Khaidi150 which was a remake of Katthi (Tamil star Vijay’s block buster) and has decided to work in back to back movies. Being a top star in Telugu and with the record of collection over 125 Cr with Khaidi 150, Chiranjeevi is so choosy about his next movies and is careful in opting the directors for the same. He is playing safe by opting only the successful directors as there is bee line of directors who want to work with him. Though he has huge demand among film producers , he is not willing to work for outside producers as his come back movie ‘khaidi” had made the profits of around 75Cr for his son Ram charan who produced that movie. Chiranjeevi upcoming movies include a list of subjects lined up like socio fantasy, massy commercial entertainer and a political melodrama to again kick start his struggling political career.

Here is the list of all Chiranjeevi upcoming movies :


1. Koratala Siva Chiranjeevi movie

After the complete of Syraa shoot, Chiranjeevi would be starting his mass movie with Koratala siva but the movie would actually expedite shooting process only after the release of Syraa movie. After the huge success of Bharath anu nenu with Mahesh babu, Koratala Siva has taken huge gap of almost 8 months to announce his next project. He is reported to have narrated two stories to Chiru and the later had agreed to a mass subject with social awareness and the movie is being co produced by Chiranjeevi family again with Matnee entertainments. Chiranjeevi upcoming movie with koratala siva is aimed to increase the political image of the megastar who is struggling to craft his lost image in public he had more than a decade ago.

Koratala is known to make movies on social issues and his movies Srimanthudu and Bharat anu nenu have enhanced the image of Mahesh Babu in public. Mahesh is currently enjoying the star status of what Chiranjeevi had in 90s. Therefore, mega family is hoping koratala to bring back the glory of Megastar. Now that Chiranjeevi Upcoming movies list has one Political action drama with Lucifer, commercial entertainer with message oriented by Koratala siva and a soother by Trivikram , the Megastar is all set to rock the Telugu Industry and snatch back the No.1 position from Mahesh babu.


Vijay Devarakonda Childhood video his first acting scene


Vijay Deverakonda first acting scene is from a teleserial during his childhood back in his Puttaparthi school days. He acted in a short serial telecasted by Doordarshan on Sri Puttaparthi Sai baba. He acted along side Shaukar Janaki the yesteryear actress as one among the kids accompanied her on a spiritual tour. Vijay never revealed about this first appearance before camera but one of his relatives seems to have revealed this on social media. Vijay as a kid questioning Shaukar Janaki about Sai baba can be seen in the below video :

Vijay devarakonda childhood acting

Vijay questions Shaukar Janaki.

Manchu Manoj is officially divorced

Manchu manoj divorce rumor had turned true after almost an year it fumed up the internet. The son of Mohan Babu had...

Actress Reshma

Ruler movie