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Rashtriya Brahman Front

Rashtiya Brahmin front

Rashtriya Brahman front is a political wing of Rashtriya brahmin sangh a group affiliated to the Telugu desam party. It is led by the TDP leader Sainath Sharma who hails from kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. The front’s main objective as per the members is to take the voice of the Brahmins across the country to the notice of ruling parties and get the justice. The members of the party claimed that Brahmins have no voice politically and have been ignored since decades and they would play the crucial role in demanding justice to the Brahmin section of the society.

RBF’s meeting at Janthar manthar in Delhi

ABN Andhra jyothi a Pro TDP news channel giving huge coverage to this front

The Party head Sainath sharma spoke to the attendees and the media and revealed their demand of setting up a National commission for Brahmins in the central and also to bring an atrocity case on the attacks happening on this community.

RBF , Is this to split BJP vote bank and favor Congress and TDP ??

There is obviously no brahmin representation in the majority of the political parties in India today and also none of the political parties in the country consider Brahmins as the vote banks as they have been stuck with Congress for decades until recent times but now the community itself is confused to choose whom.

Majority of the Brahmins are highly educated and do not show interest in political aspects. The community is mostly seen in the top level Public administration, Engineering, IT and Educational sectors and are not often seen politically active. Therefore, there is a need of political party which can encash their votes .

With the EBC bill passed recently , lower middle class Brahmins are highly impressed with BJP’s daring act . This would be make sudden shift of Brahmins towards BJP in central and state elections.

Political Analysts feel that the emergence of this political front and that too from the leaders belonging to Telugu desam party clearly indicates that the agenda behind this is only to split the Brahmin vote bank and harm BJP. Brahmins are shifting majorly towards BJP in the recent times and this is helping BJP to garner more votes despite of not allocating seats to any Brahmin candidate.

Brahmins have been one of the major vote bank for Telugu desam party in the recent times as majority of them were upset with Y.S Family for encouraging mass conversions to Christianity and also the way Evangelists were given free ride on Tirupathi hill during YS tenure.

However, with the recent changes in the state political system and the rise of BJP had scared TDP of losing some of the vote banks like Kapus and Brahmins. The vote bank of Kapus is being planned to manage via Pavan kalyan and Vangaveeti family but there is no popular person from Brahim community today in AP who can influence their votes. Couple of top retired IAS officers are already against TDP due to their scams and the priest hood section is firing on Chandra Babu naidu ever since the gold ornaments were stolen from Tirupathi temple. The recent temple demolitions in Vijayawada and the retirement issue of Tirupathi head priest had made TDP to lose Brahmin vote bank completely.

Loss of Brahmin votes ( though it is less 3%) might harm TDP a lot and may fetch BJP a couple of seats in the state and also this shift to favor YSRCP a lot. Therefore, there is an attempt to influence their votes via this political front.

No matter what Chandra Babu naidu does, there is no way he could impress Brahmins now as the situation had crossed the threshold limit with the issue of Tirupathi temple head priest’s insulting exit from the service.

TDP might have to bring Junior NTR ( Born to a Brahmin mother ) to gain back the Brahmin vote bank .

Nene devunni

Nene Devunni

Nene Devunni is a Telugu satirical feature film directed by Karunakar Sugguna. Karunakar also played one of the lead roles of the movie along with Swathi Naidu and Kalyan kumar. The movie shooting was finished on Feb 07th 2019 and from the day1 of it’s shoot the director had leaked some pics on social media raking huge controversy. The director who is also a well known hindu activist revealed about the subject of the movie as about exposing the frauds of some of the pastors and ChristianChurch. Karunakar Sugguna is a dalit hindu leader  and once was believer of Jesus christ. 

 The huge uproar for this short film Nene Devuni is due to several factors like :

  • Karunakar Sugguna being a Dalit won hearts of all the sections of Hindu society and earned huge respect for his work .
  • He was once a believer of Jesus christ who upon research and realization had reverted back to Hinduism and started questioning the frauds of the pastors.
  • His book The other side of Jesus is one of the popular anti church book available in Telugu.

swathi naidu short film

The movie director Karunakar sugguna gained followers with the controversial book The other side of Jesus. The renowned Hindu activist often seen in his youtube channel and public meetings exposing the frauds of Christian pastors. Pastors of Telugu states were highly upset with his book Other side of Jesus and director assured on his face book account that the movie too is going to irritate the fraud pastors one more time.

Swathi naidu the porn star plays a christian evangelist role
Crucial scene between the Karunakar sugguna and Jesus christ

Here is the most awaited trailer and the trailer is all hilarious to watch :


F2 movie online on Amazon prime

F2 movie on amazon prime

F2 movie would be available online on Amazon prime after 30days of it’s theatrical release. The movie was released on Jan 12, therefore the Amazon prime would make F2 available any moment after Feb 10 midnight. Prime had just added KGF ( huge blockbuster) a couple of days ago and are waiting to add few more movie to keep the site being hit by Indians as much as possible.

Dilraju sold the digital streaming rights to Amazon much before release and as per the agreement the Prime can make it available any time after 30 days of it’s theatrical release. However, the venkatesh and Varuntej multistarrer is still running with packed houses. This might cost dilraju a loss of atleast couple of Crores.

Though the movie had already grossed above 110crs at the box office, the long run of F2 has not finished yet and there is still a life of 10 more days for the movie as none of the latest releases are doing well. A gross of 6 more crores would be a huge loss to the exhibitors and distributors but as per the trade report , all the parties have already made huge profits on this movie and therefore there is going to be only a reduce in the profit but not a loss.

The business Analysts are seen shredding crocodile tears for the producers loss by making it available on online platforms with in 30days but what if the movie turns out to be a huge dud.

Producers are currently making around 1 cr to 20Crs on digital streaming rights based on star cast and content. That means table profit of some amount even before the movie is released and if the movie collapses at box office on Day1 , producer will atleast left with what he earned through digital and satellite rights.

Well, you cant expect both in any business. If you want to play safe, get ready to reduce your losses.

Ajay Bhupathi upcoming movies

Ajay bhupathi upcoming movie

Ajay Bhupathi upcoming movies list with cast, title, producer and release dates are updated here. The RX100 movie director had switched to work mode again after his marriage recently and his next project is speculated to be with Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas. Ajay Bhupathi upcoming movie is titled to be ” Mahasamudram” and is based on mafia background.

Ajay Bhupathi upcoming Mahasamudra full details :

Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas starring Mahasamudram shooting is all set to kick start in February last week.

Anil Ravipui upcoming movies

Anil ravipudi upcoming movies

Anil Ravipudi upcoming movies list with the details of cast, producer, title, release date and budget are updated here. The Comedy specialist of current generation have been tasting success ever since his debut based on the comedy genre and his recent F2 has grossed more than 100cr at the box office. See F2 box office collections report. With this huge success, Anil Ravipudi has attracted bigger stars like Mahesh Babu and his remuneration had crossed 5Crs per movie.  Mahesh Babu is one of such stars who are interested in starring in Anil Ravipudi upcoming movies.

Here is the list of Anil ravipudi upcoming movies :

Anil Ravipudi had attracted Mahesh Babu with this recent huge success F2 and this got him an opportunity to tell a story line to the superstar who asked him to come back with the complete script to kick start the new movie. Mahesh babu had been recently struggling to find super scripts for his movies and is not interest in working with senior directors blindly with out assessing the scripts.

Therefore, Mahesh who has been keeping top directors on wait is showing keen interest on working with young talents. Also Mahesh is one of the Indian top actors with amazing comedy timing and it has been long time he acted in movies with some humor, the clubbing of Anil with Mahesh might bring back another entertainer like Khaleja or Dhookudu.

AnilRavipudi upcoming movie with Mahesh babu may not be produced by Dilraju as Mahesh’s current movie is already being co produced by DilRaju , therefore, a new producer whom Mahesh had already committed might come in to the picture.

Sanjay Dutt as Villain in KGF2

sanjay dutt in KGF2

Sanjay dutt is being tried to rope in for KGF2 as villain by the movie unit. KGF the Pan Indian kannada movie was well received across the country and the movie unit is getting ready for the start of the second part. However, the makers are planning to include pan indian stars for the second part as the lack of star casting in the first part had made some damage to the collections at the box office. Therefore, the movie unit is trying to get the dates of Sanjay Dutt for the second part.

The first part had more than enough number of bad characters but not even one was played by the well known actors and this did cost the movie makers a lot. The well known Antagonist would have fetched some more amount at the box office.

Ram gifts Kopi Luwak cofee beans to Puri

Ram gifts Cat's poo coffee beans to Puri

Director Purji Jagannadh who is busy in directing his latest film ” Ismart Shankar” with actor Ram pothineni in the lead role had received a surprised gift from the actor. The young actor with amazing dancing skills had gifted the world’s most costliest and considered as tastiest coffee beans ” Kopi Luwak” to the director. The delighted Puri shared this news on his twitter account today in the morning and in response Ram retweeted the same urging people not to google why it is so costly as this would blow up your mind.

The uniqueness of this coffee beans is that the beans are fed to a special breed of animal called Kopi . The Animal upon digestion excretes the beans with some digestive enzymes mixed well with the beans. The Animal looking similar to the cat is found in south east asian countries and breeding of this animal is a huge business out there and this coffee is loved a lot by the western tourists due to it’s taste and aroma.

Cat’s Poo which is dried and the coffee is extracted from it.

సంబంధిత చిత్రం

Kaushik reddy attacked Rajasekhar’s brother Gunasekhar

Kaushik reddy attacks Rajasekhar brother

Kaushik Reddy attacked Rajasekhar’s brother Gunasekhar infront of our diamond store, alleged Jeevitha in a press report. She lodged a complaint with the commissioner of police that Kaushik Reddy the Congress MLA contestant from Huzoorabad constituency in the recent elections had attacked Mr. Gunasekhar for questioning the wrongful parking of his vehicle infront of their diamond store.

తమ డైమండ్ దుకాణం ముందు కౌశిక్ రెడ్డి కార్ పార్క్ చేసినందుకు రాజశేఖర్ప్ర సోదరుడు ప్రశ్నిచడం జరిగింది, దానికి బదులుగా మేము తెలంగాణ వాళ్ళము, మీరు ఎక్కడినుంచో వచ్చారు అంటూ దూషిస్తూ బౌతికంగా దాడిచేసాడు. పిడి గుద్దులు గుద్దుతూ , గొంతు పిసకడం తో ప్రస్తుతానికి గుణశేఖర్ ఆసుపత్రి లో వున్నాడు, అంటూ జీవిత రాజశేఖర్ కాంగ్రెస్ నేత కౌశిక్ రెడ్డి పై కమిషనరేట్ లో కంప్లైంట్ చేసింది

The actress explained that her brother in law was punched and kicked by the Congress politician and made racial abuses on regional grounds. He threatened to end their business in Hyderabad city too.

Nikesha patel image gallery


3. Komaram puli actress Holidaying with family

2. The Beauty on the rock !!

1. Nikishia at swimming pool in a holidaying resort

Telugu movies to watch on Amazon prime

New telugu tamil movies on amazon prime

Telugu movies watch on Amazon prime are here below with a glimpse of what each of the movie concept is , so that you can decide whether you are going to watch a right movie for yourself or not. Amazon prime had been spending huge amounts on purchasing Telugu movie digital streaming rights but to be frank , the success rate of picking good rated movies has been slightly down. 60% of the Telugu movies on Amazon prime are not worth to watch. Therefore, we bring you the list of Best Telugu movies to watch on Amazon prime :

Here is the list of Best Telugu movies to watch on Prime

1Agent Sai Sreenivas Athreya

The Sherlock Holmes Successor on this planet is found and he belongs to a coastal city of south india😂. That is the feeling of this man, Agent Sai Sreenivas Athreya, who heads FBI…. Not America’s federal institute but Nellore city’s detective agency. ……. Find out how this super intelligent guy chases most confusing crime. This is the best Telugu Comedy thriller to watch on Amazon prime amongst the recent movies.


Story of three back bench class mates whose life gets in to trouble with the entry of new Joinee who happens to be the daughter of the school principal. Brochevaarevaruraa is one of the silent hits of the year. The movie has good screen play and humour filled scenes. If you want to watch a decent comedy and youthful movie, then this is the best Telugu movie to watch on Amazon prime this weekend.

3F2 fun&frustration a Comedy entertainer

F2 is a multi starrer comedy entertainer released on Jan12 and grossed around 120Cr. The comedy movie is the first successful block buster for the year 2019. Its a must watch for Telugu movie lovers. It is a movie of two newly married men who suffers their wives Nagging.

4Mahesh Babu’s Political thriller Bharat Anu Nenu

Bharat Anu Nenu is a political drama movie starring Mahesh babu and Kiara Advani in the lead role. The director Koratala siva will leave you impressed about his work , specially the camera angles used to show the superstar as chief minister in handsome look is marvelous. This political drama has some splendid satirical scenes on Media channels and newspapers which will satisfy common man’s ego who has been filling up hatred on these Indian Presstitutes.

This is the second highest grosser in Telugu industry for the year 2018. It just lagged behind few bucks from Ramcharan’s mass entertainer. It collected around 125Cr at box office.

5Ramcharan starrer Rangasthalam ( the highest Telugu grosser in 2018 of around 130Cr)

Rangasthalam is the periodic movie which will take you to the Indian rural life of the 80s and the exploitation of villagers by the village head and the political parties. This is a classy mass movie directed by Sukumar. The story makes you feel routine but the way it was presented with rich looks and splendid script will give you the feeling of watching the blockbusters of 80s.

This movie is highest grosser in the year 2018 in Telugu.

6KGF a Kannada Pan Indian movie which was also released in Telugu

KGF grossed over 150Cr word wide and this is biggest grosser in Kannada industry as being a dubbed movie, KGF collected over 10Cr at Telugu box office. This is also a worth watch movie which revolves around slavery in kolar gold mines.

7Goodachari, A spy thriller which was a stunning hit

Goodachari starring Adivisesh is one of the brilliant Telugu movies released in 2018. The spy thriller with rich technical values and gripping screenplay will give you a watching a fantastic flick. This is movie achieved stunning victory with it’s amazing subject and rich taking.

The lack of star ( had it been made with a star like Mahesh or some one else , as Adivisesh is still an upcoming actor) made this movie to collect below 50crs but if not this movie had all the factors to enter 100Cr club.

Goodachari is a must watch Telugu movie on Amazon prime among all the 2018 movies.

8Rx100 a bold love story

RX100 is a bold movie with all the new comers. Payal rajput starring in the female lead with a bold character has a completely new script and story. The story and climax will leave you shocked and will haunt you for few weeks if you are an unmarried guy and looking for a girl.

Why we tell this story, you watch yourself ……..

9Biopic of legendary south actress Saavithri

Mahanati starring Keerthi Suresh and Dulqar Salman is a Biopic of legendary south indian yesteryear actress ” Savithri” . This amazingly made biopic showcases the ups and downs of the celebrity star of 60s and 70s. This biopic drama is made on top standards and if you are a lover of drama based movies of high canvas and top actors with some intense direction. Go for this ” Mahanati ” .

Mahanati was a huge hit in Telugu and Tamil and ran for more than 50days with out a star which is an amazing feat.

10Mayabazar is an old movie based on Mahabharat

Mayabazar is a periodical movie revolving around one of the chapters of Mahabharat. This movie was released in 1957, yes you read it correct the movie was shot in black and white but the technicalities used in the movie will not make you feel watching a substandard or an old movie.

Mayabazar is an evergreen classical movie of Telugu industry and you will be shocked to see how the makers of the movie foreseen the invention of Laptop. ( Yes, the characters in the movie use Laptop kind of device box and Skype kind of tool for video conference ). Wonder how makers thought about this concept in 1950s.

11Arjun Reddy, one of the must watch Telugu movie

Arjun Reddy the first Telugu blockbuster for Amazon prime

Arjun Reddy influenced lot of Telugu movie lovers to purchase the prime membership, such a kind of terrific cult classic is this movie. This underdog stunned every one with it’s trailer and received grand openings on day1 in halls. Vijay Deverakonda became star with this movie as youth flocked into the Theatres and the movie ran with booked halls for few weeks.

The bold and realistic love story was released with so many cuts in theatres , therefore the fans of this movie ( let me say again, this character Arjun Reddy has huge fans ) wanted to see the uncut version and Amazon prime made the best use of this.

Prime released the uncut version on their site and it went huge hit with increased number of subscription. Let us tell you again that this is the best Telugu movie to watch on Prime.

Arjun reddy is being remade in Hindi as Kabir ( Shahid kapoor Starrer).

12Samantha Ruth Starring U Turn is suspense thriller

U Turn is female lead horror and suspense thriller which revolves around the mysterious deaths linked to an U-turn zone on a road. This movie fared well at the box office.

13Vijay Deverakonda starrer political drama

NOTA is Vijay Deverakonda starrer political drama with some potentiality. But if you just watched Mahesh babu’s Bharat Anu nenu , then give a gap of few weeks and then prefer to watch NOTA as it might give you the feel of similar subject though both are of different concepts.

14Bahubali Anushka starrer Bhagamathi is a horror comedy

Bhagamathi is a horror comedy movie with Bahubali Anushka in the lead role.

Bhagamathi is an interesting subject with suspense and twists. It was a silent hit in 2017.

Kaarthikeya is a suspense thriller of a mysterious south Indian temple

Karthikeya , the Nikhil starring suspense thriller revolves around a temple

This successful movie at the box office revolves around the mysterious temple closed down due to some unknown reasons. The lead actor chases down on the forces which close down the temple and the secret behind it.

15RGV’s movie based on real Political murders

Raktha charithra 1 starring Vivek oberoi directed by Ram Gopal verma is a gripping political cum faction thriller. The movie depicts the reality of faction killings of Rayalaseema region of Andhra pradesh. This is one of the beauties created by Ramgopal verma. If you loved Satya or Sarkar by RGV, then imagine this movie is 10 times interesting than both.

16Allu arjun’s commercial entertainer Race Gurram

Race Gurram starring Allu Arjun is a commercial action comedy entertainer. If you love the typical south indian movies with some amazing music , comedy of Brahmanandam and the dance moves of Allu arjun and some interesting stunts. Go for this Race Gurram.

Race Gurram is one of the most watched south indian movies on youtube.

17Well, this guy lost his shadow , find out why ??

Napoleon is a suspense thriller with all new comers with some strange subject.

Story of a character who wakes up to find that he lost his shadow. He goes to complaint with the police about the disappearing shadow but also he forgets about his life too.

Maharastra bjp election manifesto

Maharastra bjp election manifesto for 2019 general elections obviously would appeal farmers and youth. The adequate rainfall this year had delighted the...

Comali remake

Made in China movie