Operation gold fish

Operation goldfish movie details. The first movie on atrocities on Kashmiri pandits.


Operation goldfish movie wiki ,cast and crew ,director, producer,story /plot controversies ,release date, movie review and more. The Telugu movie which is based on the real story of Kashmir issue and the atrocities done on Kashmiri pandits is directed by Sai Kiran adivi. The upcoming actor Aadi Sai Kumar movie is produced by group of producers. Operation goldfish is based on the article 370 35a and the Kashmiri atrocities.

Operation goldfish cast and crew

  • Adhi Saikumar as lead actor
  • Nithya Naresh as female lead
  • Abburi Ravi as Antagonist
  • Krishnudu
  • Karthik raju
  • Directed by Sai Kiran adivi
  • Dialogues : Abburi Ravi
  • Producers : Pratibha Adivi,katta Ashish Reddy Keshav Kumar Swarup Padmanabha BH and Satish Degala.

The first look of the movie operation goldfish was released by the actor Nagarjuna in the city of Hyderabad on 10th October.

Operation goldfish movie team had extensively worked on the article 370 and 35a . The movie script writing team had met the prime minister office , The Jammu Kashmir society and few Kashmiri pandits who settled in different cities of India as refugees in their own country after being kicked out from their homeland of Kashmir in 90s.

The movie is purely based on the real incidents happened in late 80s and early 90s in Jammu and Kashmir.

probably this is the first Indian movie ever made on the atrocities done on Kashmiri pandits which went unnoticed by the historians the media and the Bollywood section.

There were multiple movies made on the Kashmiri Muslims who turned as terrorist because of various influences but the issues of Kashmiri pandits and their sufferings were never heard of. The Bollywood industry completely ignored Kashmiri pandits atrocities and often the the legendary actor Anupam Kher expresses his disappointment on on the ignorance of Bollywood and the media in regards to the atrocities on Kashmiri pandits. Anupam Kher is one of the Kashmiri pandits whose family migrated completely from the kshmr after their properties where snatched away. The legendary actor explained how is for relatives who did not leave the place where killed by the Kashmiri extremists.

The operation goldfish movie is scheduled for the release on October 18th 2019.


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