Muthaiah Muralidharan biopic

muthaiah muralidharan biopic star cast, director, producer, release date. Muthaiah muralidharan biopic "800" starring Vijay Sethupathi in the lead role. The title 800 is named after those 800 + wickets he took in international cricket.

muralidharan biopic

Muthaiah Muralidharan biopic is named as 800 as he is the leading wicket taker with 800 wickets in his career. The Ace Cricketer who retired as one of the all time best spinner had extended his support to the creative team of Dar Motion pictures who are the producers. Established Tamil star Vijay Sethupathi is playing the role of Muralidharan and he is glad that he got an opportunity to potrait the role of one of the Tamil prides ( Muralidharan is a Srilankan with Tamil ethnicity background). Muthaiah Muralidharan biopic is directed by MS Sripathy.

Muralidharan is working closely with vijay sethupathi in guiding him interms of the bowling actions and other mannerisms and vijay is delighted about this.

The film is being shot in Tamil but the makers are planning it for a worldwide release in multiple languages including Srilankan Simhalese.

What is special in Muthaiah Muralidharan biopic

The legendary bowlers has taken highest number of wickets and troubled many great batsmen across the globe but this was done by many other bowlers like Shanewarne/Mecgrath etc.. but what is so special about Muralidharan to make a movie on his biopic. Here are some amazing unique things in life of Murali which can make a pretty good biopic :

  • Tamilian in Srilanka ( Emerged as a star during LTTE crush by Tamil army )
  • Insulted by Umpires and ICC alleging wrong bowling actions. He was made to bowl semi nude with sensors all over his body to record the bowling action. All these tests at the time by when he already took couple of hundreds of international wickets ( it was a racistic attack on a black asian bowler by white controlled ICC , felt some critics and cricketers ).
  • Finally he married in India and he is one of the most loved and respected foreign player in India.


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