Manmadhudu2 complete movie details, cast&crew,director, producer, release date , shooting pics. Manmadhudu2 box office review.


Manmadhudu2 cast&crew, director, producer,release date and box office reports are here. The movie is a sequel to Manmadhudu (2003) starring Akkineni Nagarjuna in the lead role. The movie is directed by Rahul Ravindran and produced by Manam entertainments and Anandi Arts. The Shooting of the movie Manmadhudu2 started on March25th 2019. The movie starting ceremony was graced by Akkineni Nagachaitanya the son of Nagarjuna, Amala the wife , sister , brotherin law and other family members.

Manmadhudu 2 Complete movie details

Starring Nagarjuna and Rakulpreet in the lead role.
vennala kishore, Yesteryear Actress Lakshmi, Rao Ramesh, Jhansi etc..

Actor turned director Rahul ravindran had earlier directed a movie “Chi La Sow” which was a decent hit in multiplex. The noted actor had clinched a wonderful opportunity to direct the top star Nagarjuna and that too a Sequel to one of the classics of Telugu cinema.

Will Manmadhudu2 impresses like the first one ?

Manmadhudu released in 2003 was a huge hit and the movie is loved by the Telugu audience even today. The movie plays in atleast few hundreds of Telugu homes every weekend. All the credit goes to the writer ” Trivikram Srinivas” and the music composer Devi sri prasad. Every dialogue of the movie is thoroughly enjoyed as every line is filled with some killing humor. The biggest challenge for the director Rahul Ravindran is to pen down some brilliant lines to stand up to the first part.

Manmadhudu2 Shooting pics


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