Manchu Manoj is officially divorced

Manchu manoj divorced his wife two months ago


Manchu manoj divorce rumor had turned true after almost an year it fumed up the internet. The son of Mohan Babu had officially announced that he is divorced two months ago officially but he took some time to share with the world. Manchu manoj was married to Pranathi Reddy in 2015 and since the beginning ,the media was able sense that all was not well between them.

Manchu manoj has stayed away from films for more than a year now. Though he is not a big star, he has little market which is better than his brother Manchu vishnu. However media sensed personal issues as the reason for Manchu manoj’s exile from movie world.

It was reported earlier that he has been living in a farm house with a dog and he was also not spotted with his wife for long time.

These strange scenarios lead media to smell the relation ship troubles of this actor. However, manoj denied these as rumours.

Finally , manoj had announced himself that he got divorced with his two months ago but would remain as friends as both carry immense respect for each other.

Manchu manoj divorce was cited as the main reason by his fans when he stopped tweeting for long time. Manoj who was regular on teitter suddenly disappeared last year.

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