Manchu lakshmi boozes Beer openly in America


Manchu Lakshmi boozes beer along with another female companion openly in America , says Rakesh Master. The Ace Dance Composer of Telugu industry had revealed that when he was in America for composing the dance sequences for the movie Devdas , he was shocked to see Mohan Babu daughter Manchu Lakshmi boozing beer openly near the shooting spot along with another female companion who also belongs to the film industry.

Rakesh master in an interview tu aur YouTube Telugu channel had shared his views on the lifestyle of the females in the Telugu film industry. Hi size all all the Gyan bhashan , culture teachings the industry personel give is a joke.

Mohan Babu who is known to be an icon to discipline and culture is now facing this sort of criticism lately due to his children.

Dear Rakesh master who released about the habits of Manchu Lakshmi had also mention clearly that is not scared of Mohan Babu , even if tomorrow if mohanbabu rings him and tries to abuse and threaten , he is ready to abuse him back in return.

in response to the allegations of Rakesh master, the Telugu netizens have replied that drinking alcohol is a personal choice and it need not be mocked or criticised for, that too when a person is in America.


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