Kcr,My home Rameshwar rao &Uttam Kumar Reddy Nexus


The under curtain relationships of My home Rameshwar Rao and the Telangana chief minister KCR has been exposed long time back by many journalist and political opponents. Now the most shocking allegations made by one of the political opponent of TRS party is that, the Congress party Pradesh committee president , PCC president of Telangana Mr.Uttam kumar Reddy is also part of this Nexus.

Kcr attending one of Rameshwar Rao’s family wedding

The journalist Naveen Kumar alias teenmaar mallanna had alleged that Uttam Kumar Reddy and KCR would occasionally sit over the drinks in the house of the real estate tycoon Mr my home Rameshwar Rao.

Mr Rameshwar Rao provides the financial assistance of over 100 crores to each party to ensure the protection of his illegal assets, Claims the popular media man Mallanna.

My home Rameshwar Rao is the financial Benami of chief minister KCR and his financial Empire is expanding exponentially ever since the KCR has become the Chiefminister.

Uttam watched Syeraa at Rameshwar rao’s Residency.

Uttam and his wife watched “Syeraa” at My home Rameshwar Residency……

However in order to control the opposition party from politically attacking his illegal businesses , the business tycoon Rameshwar rao is had made Uttam his puppet.

Mr.Teenmaar mallanna who is contesting as an independent candidate for the post of huzurnagar MLA had made some sensational comments about Uttam Kumar Reddy KCR and Rameshwar Rao Nexus.

In order to strengthen his allegations, he went further to convince the public that mister Uttam Kumar Reddy and his wife padmavathi Reddy have watched the recent Telugu blockbuster movie Syeraa at the residence of my home Rameshwar Rao who is a close aide and the binami of the chief minister k Chandrasekhar Rao.


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