IT Raids on Vijay

Tamil top star suffers IT raids, 25 Cr unexplained cash seized.. Opposition parties claim it is BJPs political attack on the actor


IT Raids on Vijay have stunned the south indian film world. The income tax department have raided on 20 locations belonging or related to Actor Vijay and seized around 20 crores of unexplained cash and huge amount of gold , reports TV9. AGS cinemas is the production and distribution house related to Tamil top star Vijay. IT raids on Vijay is claimed to be of political action by some of his hardcore fans.

The raids started at 2.00 am yesterday and they are continuing for the second day. The actor was taken over from the location of upcoming movie “Master” and interrogated on the unexplained cash and unpaid taxes related the recent movie “Bigil” which is speculated to have collected around 250 crores.

Is BJP targetting Actor Vijay ??….

Some of the hardcore fans and the political parties have started alleging that the central BJP is targetting Vijay for his anti bjp activities he has been doing by adding some scenes in his movies targetting central .

Mersal was a blockbuster movie of Vijay in which he targetted central government in few of the scenes. BJP claimed that the movie has some illogical scenes on GST tax and it is confusing public…

Vijay who is a Converted Christian is known to hate the Hindutva party BJP .

BJP politicians from Tamilnadu responded to the allegations commenting Vijay’s standards in terms of political image are too less to target and the national ruling party has no need to target him as he is not vote convertor.

It is known that the top South indian star Rajinikanth is a pro Bjp and pro nationalistic film stat who is bigger crowd puller than Vijay.

Vijay has suffered IT raids multiple times in his career and is known to avoid paying full taxes unlike other south indian superstars who pay advance taxes.

Chiranjeevi b, Mahesh Babu, Balakrishna , Pavan Kalyan etc are other top south indian stars whose families belong to other political parties which target BJP in much larger scale but they were never the target of the income tax raids as they are known to pay taxes legally.

AGK financier Anzubhan is on the hit list of income tax authorities since long time for funding big movies in South. It was announced on the stage during Bigil movie celebrations that the budget for the movie is 185 crores.

However, the movie unit has not made the tax payments upto the announcements they made.


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