How to get British citizenship


How to get British citizenship is the most spoke matter among the migrants from from different third world countries.The European country offers various ways for the people of different countries to apply for legal stay in the country. How to get British citizenship for the rich and the poor vulnerable is explained here in the below.

Multiple ways of getting British citizenship

Acheiving British citizenship for free or with less money is also available for poor or vulnerable people. However there are conditions which the desired candidate must fulfill. The are two ways to get British citizenship. One would cost huge amount and doesnt take much time , the other way doesn’t cost money but takes more than a decade.

Lets first discuss on how to get British Citizenship for the vulnerable poor Immigrants from other third world countries.

This post is exclusively for the immigrants from the countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria,Omen, Iraq,Srilanka and other African and Asian countries who would like to get life in this free country. However the candidates must satisfy the below conditions:

  • One should have life threatening situation back in their country . For ex: they have raised their voice against the atrocities and they are being targeted by the government or terrorists in their country. Most of the Bangladeshis are targetted and killed by Bangladeshi authorities and terrorists there. Similarily the Tamil Srilankans faced atrocities being minorities. The Afghans being killed by Terrorists for acting as informers to government is well known. These sort of victims are eligible to get refugee status in the united kingdom
  • Faces Religious discriminiation back in their country. For Ex: Hindus and Buddhists in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Shias in Sunni dominated violent countries. Kurdhish iraqis etc…
  • Sexual discrimination and atrocities on Sexual rights. For ex: Gays and lesbians are not tolerated in some countries.


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