Hindu idols destroyed in Sivagiri town temple ,cctv footage is disheartening.

Hindu temple idols destroyed in Tamilnadu. cctv video of Ponkaliamman temple idols destruction in Sivagiri.


Destruction of Hindu temples and Hindu idols is on a spree in the country but no media pays attention. This sort of incidence are mostly reported by social media and organisations from the the Christian and Muslim dominated areas and mostly from the states like West Bengal ,Mizoram ,Meghalaya ,Assam ,Tamilnadu and Kerala. These States have more number of non Hindus whose prayer houses are controlled by the funds donated by the other country organisations. Therefore the public over here are influenced and brainwashed to commit the communal crimes. One such incident is again reported from Tamilnadu.

Idols in Ponkaliamman temple destroyed. See below for cctv footage.

The idols related to the famous shrine of Ponkaliamman temple in Sivagiri town of erode district are destroyed with hammers and rods in the early morning around 02:00 am. The video shows around Six men with masked faces are destroying the idols and couple of them finally destroyed cctv too.

One can see the high level emotion and hatredness in the activities of the miscreants.SEE IN THE BELOW VIDEO 👇👇

Ever since this temple was erected the community faced lot of trouble from the other community who raised objection over the construction of this temple. The temple authority’s took all the necessary permissions from the district collector in order to avoid any sort of communal disharmony.

Video of destroying idols in Ponkaliamman temple in Sivagiri Tamilnadu

The government authorities upon inspection give all the necessary permissions to raise the temple.

Only Times of India has reported this incident so for but the scared organisation even did not mention the name of the community which attacked the temple. Simply mentioned another community people attacked The Hindu idols.

S.Surya murti one of the representative of the temple authorities have expressed the disappointment that since the direction of the temple the other community created hell out of troubles and finally destroyed the idols.


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