George Reddy movie

George Reddy movie cast&crew, director, Producers,release date,story , movie review.


George Reddy movie cast&crew, director, Producer,story/plot/genre, release date , review and controversy details are here. The biopic of a controversial extremist youth George Reddy who died mysteriously has been made a hero by the Communists and Marxists of the South India. George Reddy character was used to pendown the character of Michael in the movie Yuva directed by Mani Ratnam. George Reddy movie trailer was released on Oct 08 2019 on the occasion of Dussehra.

George Reddy cast & crew

  • Directed by Jeevan Reddy
  • Produced by Appi Reddy
  • Sandeep Madhav in the title role
  • Manoj Nandan
  • Abhay Bethiganti
  • Sathya Dev as union leader of ABVP.

Jeevan Reddy who earlier directed a Naxalite based movie “Dhalam ” had come up with another Communist ideological movie. This time he chose to direct a biography of most violent radical in the history of Osmania university.

George Reddy activities were not known much due to the lack of the social media and active media those days. However, post death of this young man ,the Communist party made him a big hero claiming he was fighting for women and lower castes in the university.

There is a view that he was a Christian and a rabid anti hindu who wanted to highlight caste issues to divide Hindu youth …..Read 👇👇

Note : Telangana is one such state where caste inequality is less seen. Lower castes are not seen facing troubles in town and cities. Casteism is rarely seen compared to other states . ( Then, God knows what inequality Mr.Reddy was dealing with that too in university ).

Interestingly the George Reddy movie was directed and produced by Reddy community folks. Alas!…The dead man who is known to fight casteism is being loved and reminded by his caste folks by making movie on him.


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