George Reddy a Christian


George Reddy was a Christian who used The Mask of the communist party . The communist turned Congress party activist was born to a Christian mother Mariya Varghese kurian. Like today’s Kancha Illaiah and many other speudo social activists, George too was rabid anti Hindu and was raised with Christian radical values in the Christian missionary schools in chennai. George Reddy was a Christian and used the mask of Left part principles to create differences between different sections of hindu society, claims today’s Hindu nationalists.

George Reddy mother character from the movie with no Bindi on fore head and no Sacred Mangal sutra

If one observes the movements run by George Reddy was clearly understable that George was struggling to showcase that is fighting against caste in equality and the cost ISM established deeply in the Indian roots. However this so called rising social reformer enjoyed the Reddy caste status even in his name.

Reddy Tag was never removed from his name . it clearly shows that he wanted to enjoy the status of the Reddy caste in those 80s but continued as George.

It is well known that his mother and his mother side family are staunch Christians From the state of Kerala dominated by Christians.

Very simple question pops up in the mind of every educated Telugu man today ,that why someone who was fighting against the social inequality continued to have the surname of Reddy ,which is considered as the upper caste in the Telugu States. This question was never answered by the communists.

It is obvious that if not killed , The George Reddy would have become another Kanche Illaiah and John Dayal who speaks nonsense of banning Ramayan and Mahabharat and who who argues about banning of Hindu idols in a Hindu majority country.

Kancha ilaiah was known to be fighting against the social inequalities has recently been exposed to be a staunch Christian being funded by the Christian missionaries.

Prakash Raj who calls himself atheist, communist ,just asking hero actually born to a Christian mother and the below pic speaks :

The state of Telangana never had the battles of castes. Even today this Telugu state is known to be the state of not much bothering about caste. People over here call all the ready community people with no respect.

Unlike Andhra Pradesh where the Reddys and the Naidus are called with due respect. There is always Garu attached as a suffix of every upper caste name , it is not the same case in Telangana where people directly call O ‘ Reddy.

In today’s Indian politics communist party is completely rejected by the Indian society for being rapidly anti-hindu. The communist actor was known to be extremely violent. It is only political party with the highest number of murders and violence in the country. It directly supports the naxalism in the red corridor of India. Naxalism is most dangerous internal threat to the Indian law and order. It is a well known fact that naxals have killed more Indians than the Pakistani army and Islamic terrorist put together.

Georgia Reddy known to be very much violent .The skillset in Pro boxing made him to punch every student who comes in his way. All his brutal activities were opposed by some strong candidates belonging to the OC and BC sections of Hindu society from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh who happened to be the students of his times in Osmania University.

These young people could not tolerate the extreme violence of George Reddy and stood as a barrier between George Reddy and the week Hindu society in the Osmania University. That is when this Christian born radical took up a smart way to attract some students from weaker sections by provoking them against the so called general and backward students of Hyderabad with the very old plot of Church ‘Caste inequality’.

His extreme violence was not accepted by the Congress party too. he was a member of youngsters group called Young Turks belonging to the Congress party. His arrogance and aggression made him enemies within the Congress party. That is when he took the path of communism which allowed any sort of violence on this planet to establish The Red flag.


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