Fast tag usage at Highway Toll


Fast Tags in vehicles is made mandatory by the government to have easy pass throughs at the Toll gates. It is going to save huge amount of time for commuters by avoiding the traffic caused due to the long queues. The high way authorities of India had made the fast tags compulsory for all the vehicles. NHAI Andhra Pradesh regional officer Mr.Anil Dikshit had explained about the uses and benefits of fast tags.

Mr.Dikshit had mentioned that Fast tag system was experimentally used since 2014 on highways and this every year March, almost all the Toll plazas started having a line specifically for the fast tag.

What is Fast Tag and Why Government implemented this ?

Fast tag is a small chip needs to be placed at the inner side of the front mirror of a vehicle. When ever the vehicle enters the Toll plaza the sensors recognise the vehicle and automatically deducts the require amount from the bank account of the vehicle owner configured to the respective fast tag.

This automatic deduction of the prescribed toll fee will avoid waiting or slowing down of vehicles at the toll plazas.

Vehicles can just pass through the path ways at Toll plaza with out halting to pay or take receipt. The automatic deduction will also lead to the generation of invoice which will be messaged to the vehicle owner’s mobile.

This system will save huge amount of fuel and avoid long queues at Tolls.

It is well known that routes like Hyderabad to Vijayawada will suffer with huge congestion due to the long queues at Toll plazas specially on holidays with thousands of commuters travelling every hour.

How to get the Fast Tag , where to buy it

Fast tags are available at all the Toll plazas, around 22 nationalised banks. Public can also buy the fast tags from Amazon and Paytm online.

The chip need to registered by providing the vehicle registration number, owner identity proof and two passport size photographs.

For the cars, the initial minimum amount to be added is 500. Out of which the Rs.100 will be deducted for Fast tag, Rs.200 will be for security deposit and the remaining 200 wouod be used as top up for toll fee.

Owner needs to download ‘My fast Tag ‘ App and register with the vehicle details and the bank account number. Every passage of vehicle through the tolls would be digitally recorded.

Once installed the fast tag can be e used forever. It is illegal to use one fast tag to multiple vehicles and also once a fast tag is configured to a particular vehicle it should remain to that vehicle forever.

Strictly NO ❌

Any changes made to the Fastrack card by changing the vehicle the fast tag and the vehicle would be automatically listed in the block list of the toll plazas.

Do MLS MPS Babu wala and other VIP also need to fix fast tags?

The public representatives elected to the assemblies and the parliament are exempted to have the fast tag on the vehicles and the list of this includes the chief secretaries and the principal secretaries of the governments the MLA MLC , the central and State reserve police vehicles , the state police department (police need to be in uniform )executive magistrate IAS, joint collector, rural development officer , High court judges are exempted but they all need to have zero balance fast tag cards.

Ambulance too are exempted to have the fastags.

What if I don’t fix the fast tag in my car

Very soon, i.e probably after December first almost all the toll plazas in the country would have the fast tag lines where in the vehicles can pass through those pathways without paying the challans or the toll free.

There would be only one pathway for the vehicles who would like to pay the toll free using the cash without the fast tag card. Being single line available for the non fast tag users, it would be too hassle for the non tag users to wait too long in the queue and pay the toll fee.

If you try to to pass through the fast tag lines you will be penalised double the amount of the toll fee.

How do I know how much money I should keep as the balance in my fast tag

Vehicle owners can download an app called sukhad Yatra which is run by the national highway authority of India. One can find out how many toll plazas are there between two different travelling points and how much money is required to pay at the toll plazas.

What are the main objectives and benefits of the fast tag system being implemented by the central government

  • It will miraculously reduce the long queues at the toll plazas
  • Vehicle owners including the long trucks can track how much amount they paid to the toll plazas.
  • government you can have the perfect track record of how much amount the companies are collecting through the toll plazas.
  • The companies will be able to reduce their manpower and the cost which will in turn help the government and the public by reducing the tenure of the permission given to the toll plazas.
  • Vehicle owners will get 2.5 % of cashback till March 2020.

The member of parliament candidates will be given to fast tags with zero balance. 12 use in the Delhi and the other one to use in their state.

The followers vehicles are not allowed for the tail passing using this zero balance fast tags.


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