F2 movie online on Amazon prime

F2 full movie online on Primevideo.in

F2 movie on amazon prime

F2 movie would be available online on Amazon prime after 30days of it’s theatrical release. The movie was released on Jan 12, therefore the Amazon prime would make F2 available any moment after Feb 10 midnight. Prime had just added KGF ( huge blockbuster) a couple of days ago and are waiting to add few more movie to keep the site being hit by Indians as much as possible.

Dilraju sold the digital streaming rights to Amazon much before release and as per the agreement the Prime can make it available any time after 30 days of it’s theatrical release. However, the venkatesh and Varuntej multistarrer is still running with packed houses. This might cost dilraju a loss of atleast couple of Crores.

Though the movie had already grossed above 110crs at the box office, the long run of F2 has not finished yet and there is still a life of 10 more days for the movie as none of the latest releases are doing well. A gross of 6 more crores would be a huge loss to the exhibitors and distributors but as per the trade report , all the parties have already made huge profits on this movie and therefore there is going to be only a reduce in the profit but not a loss.

The business Analysts are seen shredding crocodile tears for the producers loss by making it available on online platforms with in 30days but what if the movie turns out to be a huge dud.

Producers are currently making around 1 cr to 20Crs on digital streaming rights based on star cast and content. That means table profit of some amount even before the movie is released and if the movie collapses at box office on Day1 , producer will atleast left with what he earned through digital and satellite rights.

Well, you cant expect both in any business. If you want to play safe, get ready to reduce your losses.


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