F2 movie box office collections

F2 Movie Box office collections report. F2 already grossed 100Cr and expected to stop around 125Cr.

F2 movie box office collections

F2 movie box collections report is officially available now. The Venkatesh Varuntej starrer had crossed 110Cr gross world wide by Republic day and is heading towards becoming one of the top grosser of all time among medium range budget movies. Producer Dilraju and co laughing all the way to the banks as it already gave a share of more than 55 Cr. Anil Ravipudi the director of this crazy comedy entertainer had thanked audience for the success and achieving the feat of 100Cr and officially announced f2 movie box office collections amount.

F2 movie box office report

The US box office report of F2 reached 2 million dollar mark already and might not gross more but this is a decent hit at overseas too.

F2 movie is still running with packed houses and since there are no big movies to get released any where sooner, this comedy entertainer is expected to run for couple of more weeks in majority of the halls. Dilraju being the producer will give more boost to this movie as he owns and controls atleast 10% of movie theatres in telugu states. Since the movie is a big hit, there would be no stop for this movie for atleast 2 more weeks leading to the gross of 125Cr easily.

The film was reportedly sold for 35Cr on a percentage basis and thus being sold for lesser price had raked huge profits for exhibitors and buyers.

The official box collections report area wise split data is not available as it was never released by Dilraju and Co . All the data available online other than this official twitter data can be considered imaginary.

By entering the 100Cr club , F2 movie becomes the first Telugu movie for the year 2019 to gross more than 100Cr. Ramcharan’s Viney Vidheya Rama could not achieve this feat due to the pathetic failure. Though collecting 100Cr is not a big deal for a telugu movie , it is still a difficult task for low and medium budget range movies with not so top stars.

Venkatesh is an yesteryear star who is not in good form and Varun tej is still an upcoming actor , therefore 100cr gross was never expected for F2. The complete credit goes to the director Anil Ravipudi for his narration skills and shot execution and the perfect comic timing actor of Telugu cinema , The Venkatesh.

Venkatesh repeated his hilarious classics like Nuvvu naaku nacchav after almost 2 decades. Audience liked the character scripted for venkatesh and his fun and frustrated expression and dialogues are not to miss for this year.

Haven’t you watched F2 yet ? Go watch this comedy flick and add few more days to your life!


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