Evaru movie

Evaru movie starring Adivisesh and Regina cassandra Full movie details. Evaru directed by Venkat Ramji cast and crew , release date, producer, box office details.

Evaru movie

Evaru movie starring Adivi Sesh in the lead role is an action thriller directed by venkat Ramji. After the humongous success of ” Goodachari” Sesh had silently shot this movie protecting it from the eyes of Media. Adivisesh tweeted about the movie “Evaru” out of the blue shocking every one that this movie will be released on Aug 23/2019. Telugu audiences were expecting “Major” to be the next flick of AdiviSesh after Goodachari but the talented actor came up with a new film which was shot in secret.

  • Regina Cassandra played the female lead ( Negative shades )
  • Naveen Chandra and Murali Sharma are the playing the pivotal roles.
  • Evaru is directed by Venkat Ramji a debutant.

Evaru is produced by Potluri vara prasad under PVP banner whose success rate is extremely low though it is a big production house. Most of the PVP movies didnt earn good revenue at the box office but Adivi Sesh’s movies have done remarkably well. Finally Evaru has changed the fate of PVP banner, Mr. P P must be thankful to AdiviSesh.

Evaru movie story is actually from a French movie which is also an inspiration for the Bollywood hit movie Badla starting Tapsee ponnu. The story concept is drafted with some changes to appeal Telugu audiences.

The Buget of the movie could not be more than 5 Crores excluding the remuneration of Adivisesh. Majority of the story runs in a small house and a small hotel room . The entire movie doesn’t have more than 10 Locations , Therefore, it is one of the lowest budget movies of the recent times .

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Movie could collect around 30Crores at the box office and this would be like 5 to 6 times of revenue compared to the cost incurred.

The movie released on Aug 15 and it was an instant smash hit. The Screenplay , the smart way of Interrogation ( which goes through out the movie ) and director narrating the story n number of times and fooling us every time with different version will keep the story engaging enough and rises the curiosity.

Evaru movie is rated as one of the best thrillers for the year 2019.

Story of the Movie :

The Greedy Beautiful Lady played by Regina ” Sameera” has relationship with a top cop DSP. Sameera who works as receptionist in a large firm successfully marries the owner of the firm even after knowing that this rich guy is a Homosexual.

The bored and lusty sameera continous to stay in relation ship with the young top cop. However, right before her marriage she gets caught by one of the close aid of her maternal uncle. The scared Sameera in order to protect her marriage takes cruel steps which would mess up the whole things and lead to couple of murders.


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