Dengue through sex.


Dengue through sex ? We were told it is infected through mosquitoes and that too seen only in tropical countries with the presence of ‘ Aedis Aegypti ‘ a sub species of mosquitoes which are usually active during day time. But wait, the doctors have confirmed multiple cases of Dengue in cold countries too with no Aedis egypti mosquito population. This had shocked the entire medical world which led them to think of possible infection of dengue through other ways.

Madrid Region public health department official ‘Susana Jiminez’ had confirmed the data officially that the Dengue had been infected in a gay man through sex.

Multiple cases were seen with Dengue in Europe in the recent times but the case of Madrid had evidentially proved the sexual way of Dengue infection. A man from Madrid in Spain was severely sick with Dengue symptoms but the doctors were confused to diagnose further to confirm it as Dengue as the disease is not expected to infect the Spanish country.

However, when the doctors learnt about the patient’s male partner who was also sick for around 10 days with similar conditions had travelled to Cuba few days ago , they have decided to consider it serious and look otherwise.

The medical team not only successfully diagnosed both with Dengue but also diagnosed the semen samples to have the similar Dengue strains which are seen in Cuba.

The ECDC (European Center for disease prevention and control ) had responded to this news and confirmed it as the first man to man transfusion of Dengue virus as per their records. There was a noted case in South Korea where a woman was reported to infected by her male sexual partner.

Dengue was earlier seen in many natives of Europe who frequently travelled to tropical countries. Therefore the doctors have not thought much about the sexual angle of this viral disease.

Symptoms of Dengue :

  • High fever
  • Unbearable muscular and Bone pains
    • Headache

The Platelets in Blood would suddenly go down to less than 10% of required quantity and this makes the situation fatal.

Though the above case was reported in Madrid which acquired through Cuba , South Asia is also among the regions which mostly suffer.

The viral disease behave differently in different individuals, some of them won’t show all the symptoms and also the severity is found less. This could be due to their immune system and the patient and s usually recovered in couple of days.

However in some the situation turn worst and the patient reaches dangerous condition in hours .

The Platelets drastically go down and unbearable pains and fever leads to death.

South India has seen a sudden rise in the infections this Rainy season.

Bangladesh had a shocking incident of diagnosing hundreds with in 24 hrs with this mosquito borne disease in one public hospital.

Dengue through sex is the rising concern for the medical world as it is not easy to find out if a person has dengue unless the symptoms are severe. In the above case , the man who was infected in Cuba had less severity and he recovered in days but the person whom he infected had exhibited severe symptoms and reached fatal stage


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