Delhi Anti CAA protesters burn vehicles


Delhi Anti CAA protests have turned into riots when the Jafrabad Muslim residents have come onto the road and started pelting stones on the other side of the street which is dominated by the Hindu community. The entire attack seem to be a well planned in advance to take the advantage of Trump’s visit. The moment Delhi Police are too busy in providing the security to the arrangements of the US President Donald Trump’s visit, the miscreants of Jafrabad came on to the roads and started creating a havoc.

Muslim youth destroying every thing they find

Yamuna vihar, bhajrangpura petrol pump area and Mohan narsing home areas as mentioned in the video by the local man , the Muslim protesters have taken the entire area under their control and destroyed what ever they see. Multiple vehicles were destroyed which belong to Hindus .

A police man lost his life as the protesters pelted stones.

The situation of Jafrabad could have turned more worst if the local Hindus have not retaliated. Some of the local Hindu public along with the few Sikhs have come on to the roads chanting Jay Shri Ram and responded accordingly and protected the streets until the police arrived.


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