Current affairs October 2019


Current affairs October 2019 in sports, Telangana, Andhra politics , indian national politics, international politics, Nobel prize announcements and more. Currents affairs October 2019 is mostly dominated by Nobel prize awards as 5 scientist have won Nobel prize in chemistry and physics together.

Nobel prize current affairs

In physics Mr James peebles of United States of America, Mr Michael Meyer from Switzerland have received the Nobel prize for the year 2019.

In chemistry Mr John b goodenough, Mr m Stanley whittingham,Mr Akira yoshino have received the Nobel for the year 2019. this award is announced for their work on the invention of the lithium ion battery.


Steve Smith continued to be at the number one position in the test cricket while the Indian captain Virat Kohli continued at the second slot.

Rohit Sharma had successfully made to two centuries in a test match .i.e centuries in both the innings in the first test match he played as the opener.

Other Random things to know for October

It is concluded that the saturn has 82 satellites.

The United nation organisation is facing the financial deficit. The UNO general secretary Antonio guterres had confirmed that the UNO is in the financial deficit of around 230 million dollars.

The automatic information exchange agreement made between India and Switzerland had yielded as fruitful for Indian government. The Swiss government had shared the information of all the Indians bank accounts in the Switzerland banks for the year 2018.


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