Comedian Ali insults malayam actor Roshan.

Telugu comedian Ali insults mother of Young Malayalam actor Roshan in the presence of Allu Arjun and every one laughs to the insane uncultured comments.

Telugu actor ali comments on Roshan

Telugu Comedian Ali insulted young actor Roshan by making derogatory comments on actor’s mother. He made fun of him in a bad way by alleging affair between the actor’s mother and the female anchor Suma’s Husband Rajeev kanakaala. The Lovers day audio launch starring Priya warrior turned out to be so ugly due to the heinous act of Ali. Since the comments were made in Telugu language the Malayalam actor could not understand a word about it and therefore the situation passed with out any hassle for him, but some one would pass one the meaning to this young actor some time soon.

The Telugu audio release of Priya warrior debut movie with popular wink scene took place in Hyderabad and the audio function was hosted by the popular Telugu anchor Suma ( Who hails from Malayali family) and the comedian Ali. As suma is familiar with Kerala language, she spoke couple of words with Priya and actor Roshan in Malayalam calling them kids. She addressed Roshan as son in Malayalam language for which Ali interrupted and questioned if he is your son, you must tell us when did your husband Rajeev kanakaala went to Kerala .

Here is the link of the clip from TV9:

The other crew and guests including Allu Arjun laughed at this which made no sense. What if tomorrow an old legendary actor calls Allu Arjun as son, does it make the same meaning of what Ali uttered.

Stars like Allu Arjun should behave in a matured way and should not support these kind of insane comments on Young actors and not to forget the young actor belongs to another Industry ( Malayalam) who should be treated as a guest and given enough respect.


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