Chiranjeevi Biopic

Chiranjeevi biopic title, director, actor producer and release date. Megastar biopic full details.


Chiranjeevi biopic is one of the most anticipated biopics of Telugu Cinema industry. The megastar Chiranjeevi biopic idea raked in the hearts of film writers when NTR biopic release was around. It is naturally speculated that if the biopic is ever made, it’s produced by Allu arvind or Ram charan. However, the tough part for the makers is who acts in it?.. Ramcharan and Varun Tej both are interested in acting in the biopic of megastar Chiranjeevi.

Varun Tej went a ahead and expressed his desire in an event related to the promotion of his movie ‘valmiki’ that he is very much interested in acting as his uncle chiranjeevi if ever his biopic is made. He also revealed that he is confident that the director Harish shanker would surely direct the biopic of megastar in future and if he is opted for the role, he would happily agree. Varun Tej even mentioned about how he would get his height reduced through graphics to suit the role of his father’s brother.


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