BJP finds Ganguly as Chief minister candidate for Bengal

BJP finds Ganguly as their CM candidate in 2021 elections.


Ganguly is being seriously considered for Chiefminister role in west bengal by the Central committee of the saffron party. It is well known that BJP is strongly growing in the West Bengal, however the party lacks charismatic Chief minister candidate who could be a stronger opponent to the image of of Mamata Banerjee. Sourav Ganguly who is very much interested in politics has met Amit Shah in New Delhi recently. BJP Central committe have different plans on Saurav for making him bcci pbcci president.

BJP is in the rise in west bengal. The Trinamool Congress party is so scared of the the rising popularity of the BJP that it started a killing spree of BJP activists in the state. The serial killings of bjp members had damaged the TMC image more badly. However the only strong point of TMC would be the stature of Mamata Banerjee.

It is accepted that there is no other candidate in West Bengal who could stand up to the political image of Mamata Banerjee. Finally the saffron party seems to have found a strong candidate in the former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly.

The Ace cricketer lovingly called as Dada ,has more craze then any other Bengali personality be it is inside or outside to Bengal.This is what had made BJP to pull him into the party to garner more votes. (Officially Ganguly didn’t join bjp yet ).The ongoing BCCI elections reflect that BJP doesn’t want to disappoint Saurav.

The Amit Shah son Mr Jai Shah was also in the race of BCCI President along with Srinivasan backed Brijesh Patel, but however the strong and influential Amit Shah wanted to give Saurav a free way. Now the members are unanimously selecting Sourav Ganguly as the BCCI President.

Anurag Thakur brother and Amit Shah son among the elected panel

It is reported that the BJP party wanted to give a free way to Sourav Ganguly to become the BCCI President with a desire to be so that they can use him in the upcoming Bengal elections.

How could Amit shah son and brother of Anurag Thakur could give free way to Ganguly ……????


The rising popularity of BJP could lead to the victory in the upcoming BJP elections easily if a mass appealing personality like Ganguly adds to their side.

Note : Jai Shah is being elected as Secretary to BCCI….that means if tomorrow Saurav has to step out to join active politics in Bengal with the help and BJP, he (Amit Shah’s son )can become the BCCI president.



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