Bandla Ganesh B grade movie with Uma

Bandla Ganesh Bgrade movie scene with character artist uma , not the sorry aunty with Jaya lalitha.


Bandla Ganesh B-grade movie with character artist uma had surfaced on internet after long time. The actor turned politician had revealed that he acted in B-grade movies for survival in the tough times raked the interest among telugu audience. However, few thought it is the movie “Sorry Aunty ” with Jaya lalitha Jr. However, lately another yesteryear full xx video surfaced with another character artist Uma and not many know about it. Bandla Ganesh B-grade movie with Uma is a full fledged censor cut movie never played on regular channels and is not on youtube too.

Bandla Ganesh Bgrade movie details

Some days after the young comedian acted in Sorry Aunty with Jayalalitha, the struggling actor also paired up the then upcoming character /vamp actress Uma in a B grade movie which is now traced on some adult sites.

Uma is the Telugu artist who acted in couple of seductive scenes in movies like “Khatarnak”, Nenu etc…

Hope you remember her now 😍

The actor himself agreed that he acted in B-grade sex movies for survival. However the 90s kids know only about Sorry aunty with Jaya lalitha .

Scene from Sorry Aunty

But the movie scene with UMA is a full fledged xx version with all the yesteryear shakeela-reshma movies had. This movie name is still unknown but the long video surfaced on some times under the name Uma but not bandla Ganesh.

Since this site is not an Adult content one, we are refraining ourselves from posting full video or pics.

Uma was an upcoming character artist back then and was seen mostly in vamp characters. The cozy scene shows how comfortable both were in the intimate scene and behave as if they have affair in real life too.


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