Ban Tv9 is the new slogan in Telugu states


Tv9 has received huge back lash from Hindu community in Telugu states for the most insane promo videos they made on Go green Diwali campaign. A series of videos were released by Tv9 in the last one week insulting Hindus in possible ways. From comparing Hindus with donkeys to asking the community people to leave the country , the anti-hindu activities of Tv9 are only increasing with the support of state government. Ban Tv9 is not the first time the Telugu people appealed, there have been multiple scenarios in the past.

Go green Diwali is the campaign run by TV9 every year. The Media earlier run by Ravi Prakash used to make huge hulchul during Diwali urging people to stop burning crackers in order to avoid causing air pollution.

However, this time the frustrated channel management had decided to insult Hindus in order to stop them from burning crackers.

They released a video comparing the person burning crackers on diwali with a donkey.


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