Avengers Endgame India release date

Avengers Endgame india release details, Avengers india release date and updates

Avengers end game release date India

Avengers Endgame release date has been confirmed by Marvel Studio officially. The probably last part of the most loved action saga would be released on April 26. The trailer of the Endgame was watched 268 million times on Youtube by the fans and this is a new world record. The movie is going to be one of the biggest releases of 2019 as the trailer set the expectations higher in terms of visual effects and the action. It is known that the ” Avengers -Infinity war ” won 4 Visual effect Society awards ” and the movie unit is expected to set the bar even higher for the Endgame.

Avengers Endgame release date in India too would be on April 26 and the Oscar award winning Music composer A. R.Rahman is composing a special song for Avengers – Endgame in Telugu , Tamil and Hindi versions and the song would be released on April 01.


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