Actress Reshma


Actress Reshma wiki, family, movies list, hot pics, age, present life and much more details. Reshma was the top B grade mallu actress of 90s. Reshma is considered as the most loved bgrade actress ever. She has fans of multiple generations and that’s her secret of success. Her movies are still the most watched bgrade movies on YouTube.

Reshma biography

Reshma left her family in very early age to become an actress. With extremely amazing skills and innocent face, she was offered roles but denied in the last stage. It was industry which forced her to work in B grade soft porn movies.

After waiting for so long she finally agreed to work in a B grade movie due to the financial situation. Her family disowned her and she was left alone…. But on the screen she was loved by millions. She is the darling of B grade movies in 90s.

She is most loved B grade actress even today. Her movies are the most watched Indian soft porn movies ever. Shakeela movies are not enjoyed by today’s youth but today’s youth who were kids in 90s love Reshma more than Sunny Leone.

The regular gym hitter artificial sunny Leone is no comparison.

Her movies were sold in VCR cassettes in those days and were dubbed into 5 languages. One of her movie with top less scenes was the highest grosser among all the B grades in India. Apart from it, the producer could sell around 10. 5 lakh VCR cassettes in those days including all languages. This made producer to earn more than one crores on cassettes itself.

This made her to be the most favourite of producers. She appeared in more than 200 BGRADE movies in her career.


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