Abhinandan gets Veer Chakra Award

Abhinandan gets Veer Chakra award, The MIG Wing Commander who crashed down the F-16 is awarded with Veer Chakra for the year 2018-19.

Abhinandan gets veer chakra

Abhinandan is awarded with VeerChakra , the third highest award given to the defense officials for their brave acts in combat. The Wing Commander Abhinandan who was caught by Pakistani army in their land was handed over back to India after the bilateral talks and international attention. The surgical strike 2 done in Feb 2019 by Indian Army had bombed Terrorist camps in POK ( Pakistan occupied kashmir ) . The F-16 combat plane was haunted by Abhinandan and was attacked with his Mirag 21. Pakistani F-16 crashed to the ground as it could not escape the attack by Abhinandan.

Mr. Ajit doval the Indian James Bond and current defense advisor to the central government applauding Abhinandan.

However , Abhinandan’s plane was hit by pakistani Missile in their skies and the major had to leave the plane with the help of emergency Parachute. Since he gone deep into the lands of Pakistan, the Parachute landed in their lands and the locals who found the stranger landing off the parachute was caught and handed over to the Pakistani Army.

The Army kept the Indian pilot for couple of days but couldn’t get a piece of Information from him. Generally the Islamic country would torture the war prisoner and hang up after they get the required information they want. However, this time the Indian Neighbour could not repeat the process of the evil treatment they do with any Indian caught in their territories. There are many cases like Kulbushan Jadhav who are still struggling in Pakistan prisons. There would be hundreds of Innocent Fishermen who unknowingly enter Paki waters and spend their rest of life in Pakistan prisons.

Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan brutally bashed by Pakistan Army.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi got all his forces on the spot and could exercise as much as pressure he could do get Abhinandan release in just few days. The entire Country mourned and prayed for the safe return of the major.

Every Year on the eve of Indian Independence day , the central goverenment announces different highest civilian and defense awards. Abhinandan gets the Third Highest Defense Award , “” The Veer Chakra ” for the Year 2018-19.


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