Tirupathi temple treasure looted and shifted abroad

Tirupathi Tirumala Temple’s huge ancient treasure was looted and shifted abroad by Chandra Babu Naidu the chiefminister of Andhra Pradesh , Claims Vijay Sai reddy the Member of Parliament and crucial political leader of opposition party.  The MP even insists for a probe by Central bureau of investigation ( CBI ) and threw a challenge that he would resign from active politics for ever if he is proven wrong.  This level of huge allegation and demand to involve the high level probe is raking huge controversy and public turned too suspicious about the honesty of the chief minister Mr.Naidu.   The issue was initially highlighted by the head priest of the temple  in a press meet in which he alleged that the ” Sri Vari Potu ” ( The kitchen with in the premises of temple to make Prasadams for the main deity ) was excavated and destroyed . He revealed that even a small change in the temple should be done by consulting him as per the rules but the Huge kitchen was destroyed and excavated with out his knowledge.

Tirupathi treasure looted from kitchen by excavating it

The food preparation happened at a different place outside the Temple premise for over a week and this was against the Agama rituals. The priest revealed that this is unholy and this never happened in the last 1000 years. He expressed that he is suspicious of some excavation for the ancient treasures by some officials in an unofficial manner as if it happened officially, then this should have happened through his permission but no one had  approached him for this.

However the complaint by the head priest could just alert the public that some thing surely going wrong in the temple but shocked and left disastrous when the Member of Parliament Vijay Sai Reddy claimed that ” The treasure is lying in the house of Chief minister and an immediate investigation needs to be in 48 hours to avoid the shifting of it “.  Mr. Reddy further challenged that if no treasure is found in the investigation, he would resign from politics for ever.  He repeated the same allegation after 2 weeks that the treasure looted from the Tirupathi kitchen was shifted abroad by the son of chief minister and this will be proved if a proper investigation is done by the central government.

Tirupathi treasure looted from kitchen


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