Tarun Bhaskar comments on Telugu film industry

Pellichoopulu  director Tarun Bhaskar comments on Telugu film industry’s in regards to welcoming new talents and treating low budget movies. The director who has tasted a stunning success with the debut low budget movie had revealed the hardships he has gone through in order to get the movie sold. His anguish is seen on his Face book wall today on the eve of movie’s 50th day run.

The director clearly mentioned how the industry biggies looked down the movie considering the movie as of a low budget and also about how they wrongly forecasted the gross it would collect.  Tarun didn’t mind calling the filmy folks who have called this movie of low quality and behaved like astrologers forecasting the movie to collected only few lakhs.


Tarun bhaskar comments on Telugu film industry

This young talented director didn’t even spare his co team members of the movie who ridiculed and discouraged him through out the shoot calling it multiple times as low budget movie. The most interesting aspects he pointed out were

“Caste and region ” politics of which he was warned by the fellow unit members.

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