Sree Reddy Viva Harsha in Same home , Big Boss makes it possible

Sree Reddy and Viva Harsha are going to live in the same Home and we all are going to witness it. Yes, the Big Boss house is going to be the venue where Sree Reddy and Viva Harsha are going to live along with some other celebrities for few weeks. Out of all the participants of this Big brother contest, Viva Harsha and Sree Reddy are going to grab the attention this time as recently Sree Reddy released the chat conversations between her and Viva Harsha in which Viva was seen requesting her to come to his room and to expose her private parts in pics. It is interesting to see how Viva Harsha and Sree Reddy gonna face each other in Big brother house ..Ofcourse, they cant avoid each other as part of the contest they will be some where forced to coordinate together.


Viva harsha sree reddy in big boss contest

It is very well known that Sree Reddy alleged that Viva harsha asked her to come to his room for fun and shared some vulgar images. Sree Reddy trying to be a woman activist now  a days has been successful in being lime light for long time by alleging different film celebs to assault her. The list of people who assaulted her included famous actors, directors, screen writers and also the singers and small time actors like viva harsha.

The season 2 which is hosting Sree Reddy and viva hasha will start on June 10.

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