Siddhu Jonnalagadda

Siddhu Jonnalagadda well known as Guntur Talkies hero is the most underrated actor of Telugu industry. The actor had already shown his different shades and most of the time he went unrecognized. The movie “Guntur Talkies” though was a huge hit , failed to make this young chap a star. However, the director gave him another chance in his next flick ” Garuda vega” . Even though story revolves around this actor, Audience didnt recognize him as Guntur talkies guy as he looked slightly different and showed mature acting.  Then came the super hit webseries ” Gangstars’ in which he played a young upcoming writer and again the story revolves around him. He started receiving huge appreciations for this role.


Sidhu jonnalagadda actor biography



Sidhu Jonnalagadda has now bagged the offer of playing opposite “Tamanna” in Telugu remake of Queen. Playing opposite the top female actress might bring some recognition for this underrated actor.

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