Shahrukhkhan as dwarf lover in Anand Rai film

Shahrukhkhan is playing as a dwarf lover boy in his next movie to be directed by Anand Rai. The Red chillies entertainment , home production of the Shahrukh has confirmed along with himself that they are eager to start the shoot and release it by December 2018. The director revealed earlier to the media that the King khan is playing the character of a dwarf man but with a bigger heart .  Shahrukh earlier announced on twitter that he is very excited about the movie for which the title too is to sweet to hear.


Shahrukhkhan as dwarf in anand rai film


The movies in which the stars playing the roles of dwarf or extremely taller or to the matter of any physical disability are too new to the Bollywood industry. However, the south indian stars are way ahead in playing these roles. Kamal Hasan played the dwarf character in a block buster movie some 3 decades ago which is considered as one of the brilliant movies for that generation. Recently, Surya and Vikram too played similar roles though bearing a star status.


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