Real reasons for suicide of Comedia Vijay Sai

Comedian Vijay Sai’s suicide case has started taking interesting turns and the real reason behind this suicide is almost chased by the police. As per the latest reports, cops found a selfie video in Vijay’s mobile in which he revealed the darker sides of his wife. He is reported to have mentioned about the harassment he received from his wife and his advocate Shashidhar who demanded huge money. His wife “Vanitha Reddy” and her mother are reported to have involved in prostitution since long time and the moment Vijay became aware of it, the troubles started in his life. 

Vijay sai suicide reasons

Major media narrated every thing from the selfie which is not yet released by police to public. “She was used by big industrialists many times and when i visited their village, I came to know about their mother’s prostitution ” said by Vijay in the video.

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