Ramya Krishna as Jayalalitha

Ramya Krishna to play the role of Jayalalitha in the bio pic of Amma the mother, the late ex-chief minister of Tamil nad who passed away recently.┬áIt was already announced that Karthik Subbaraj is working on the script of Jayalalitha’s bio pic and the crew is in the search of the apt artist for the role of the woman politician. Mean while, the admirers of Amma and the fans of Ramya Krishna have decided that Bahubali actress would be the right person for the role and they even made a first look of their own.

Ramya krishna as jayalalitha

Ramya Krishna who played the pivotal role in Bahubali as the mother of two warrior brothers had impressed the indian audience with her royal stature which added to the role. There fore, it is not any exaggeration for fans to opt this veteran (lol she is still hotter than most of the today’s lead actresses) star actress for the role of Amma.

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