Ram charan a big failure in Overseas

Ram charan Tej who is one of the top stars in Tollywod has grabbed the top position in just 8 years from beginning.

Ram charan’s Magadheera , Raccha, Nayak and the recent Govindudu are big hits at the box office and all these movies atleast collected 40+ crores at the box office.


Though he did well in terms of appealing mass audiences and in huge collections , he could not do well in the overseas market so far.

Since most of the movies he acted were the mass action entertainers , none of the movies did well at the US box office.


Most of the Indian NRIs watch southern movies and recently the market has grown so huge that movies started collected 10+crores in north America.

Recently Mahesh babu’s Srimanthudu collected 18+ crores in North America which is the top for the Telugu Industry so far and this is a huge amount for the Bollywood movies as well.


Allu Arjun and Pavan Kalyan are other actors whose movies did relative well and Allu arjun has 3 movies in the top 15 movies which did good business in US.

Mahesh babu tops the list with 5 movies and even his disaster movies like Dookudu and One too did collect huge revenue in North America and buyers have bagged huge profits every time they bought the rights of Super star movies.

The most shocking thing was that even an upcoming actor like Naani too grabbed a spot in this list as his recent movie BBM collected more than 8 crores in US but so far Ram charan tej could not collect a huge amount at the US box office.


The main reason  for Ram charan to fail in appealing the  NRIs is that he opts to act in senseless mass entertainers with no logics.  The selection of most of the movies is always done based on the mass audience point of view , but NRI’s usually would be a little bit intellectual people who prefer to watch movies with clean comedy, new scripts, tremendous acting skills and logical thinking.

All these usually lack in most of the Ram charan’s movies. The movies like Nayak and Raccha did not do too well in multiplex and A centers of Hyderabad but they were seen houseful at B and C centers.

The pulse of NRIs is well understood by Prince Mahesh and Allu Arjun and that is the reason they are able to get huge business for their movies.

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