Rahul Gandhi doesn’t respect his mother

Rahul Gandhi doesnt respect his mother and he doesnt have any leadership qualities , says Ex Congress minister and senior politician from Andhra Pradesh Mr. Kanna Lakshmi Narayana. The familiar face of Andhra politics ” Kanna Laxminarayana” who recently joined BJP and was offered the top position of the state had spoken about Rahul Gandhi in a negative way but indirectly agrees that he worked under Sonia Gandhi who has potential. These statements by a senior politician are going to rake huge controversy and also hammer the image of Rahul gandhi further in the minds of Indian families.


Rahul Gandhi doesnt respect his motherThe above statement translates into :


RK :   How do you manage to fight/abuse against Congress after working it for 40years?

Mr. Kanna : I differ in principles now. Rahul Gandhi is not at all a leader.


RK  :  You worked under him till recently ?

Mr. Kanna : I didnt work under him. I worked under Sonia Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi doesnt have the leader ship qualities at all.  Apart from talking in few words of English, he doesnt know politics. I only met him once and as far as I know he doesnt respect his mother and I dont like people who dont respect their parents.



The above was the conversation in a very familiar Telugu talk show ” Open Heart with RK ” which is hosted by the Head of ABN Andhra Jyothi which is one of the most watched Telugu news channel. 

Rahul gandhi doesnt respect his mother says kanna lakshmi narayana

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