Prakash raj to be ridiculed as Father again by Mahesh babu fans

Mahesh babu Fans who teased Prakash raj by chanting  “Father Father Father …… ”  on the promotional event of Bharat Anu Nenu in LB Stadium Hyderabad might once again repeat the same. Prakash Raj who walked out of the huge event of Mahesh babu Film which was also attended by Junior NTR  have to prepare himself to either face or react to these sort of incident.  The Massive crowd shocked prakash raj when he took over the mike and was about to speak. The crowd heard saying Father Father Father…. which pissed off Prakash raj who questioned them in return as Who they are and what is their nuisance and this pissed of the crowd further and they continued repeating the same word until Prakash raj walked off the stage. The female anchor was seen trying to stop this veteran actor from leaving the stage but failed.  The top stars of Tollywood , Mahesh babu and Junior NTR too were stunned by this incident and smartly didnt interfere in the matter. 

Prakash raj to play father of mahesh babu

However, the actual reason for the weird behavior of the fans is unknown. The fans of big stars are very often found teasing and mocking the other actors while they speak. The weird behavior of fans is usually seen in the events related to Chiranjeevi family. The Fans chant Power star and abrupt the speech of every other star ( Even Mega star Chiranjeevi had to face it ) but this was probably first time happened in the event related to Super Star Mahesh babu.  

It was a huge event attended by thousands of fans who filled the whole stadium, it was  a hot day in summer ( April) and some media persons witnessed crowd asking for water packets to be supplied.  So the pissed off fans where waiting for superstar to come over the stage and address rather than some character artists or antagonists. 

However, a section of public also discussed that it wasn’t the Mahesh Babu fans who disturbed Prakash Raj but the Modi supporters from Hyderabad who shouted Father Father Father …. to irritate Prakash Raj with whom the Mahesh babu fans joined hands too…   Well…. what ever may be the truth , Prakash Raj should learn to behave mature and respond to fans.   This sort of disturbances are faced by almost all the actors in the industry and every one had tried managing the situation in a decent way but Prakash Raj took it personal and walked off not only the stage but also the event.  Sources say that he walked off the event as he realized that this was the act of Modi fans and not the Fans of Mahesh.   As it was not the first time Prakash attended Mahesh babu film events and he never faced this problem. 

Modi fans mock prakash raj

It is well known that Prakash raj is trying to mock Narendra Modi on twitter and in press meets in all irrelevant matters . He was the most notorious face in media during the recent Karnataka elections. He was seen blaming Modi for every thing in Karnataka state and made campaigns to urge people not to vote for modi.  The people of Karnataka were so confused as how the prime minister is responsible for a congress ruling state matters and this confusion lead the people to vote in a confusing way. The election resulted in such a way that BJP ended as largest party but still could not make the government. 

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