Prakash Raj batting for Communists ?

Actor Prakash Raj who questioned Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi for being silent on the murder  of not so popular Rationalist in southern part of India, had lost all his image in just one go. The popular Actor crossed all the limits and criticized the people’s representative as better actor than him in politics. He also made fun of Uttar Pradesh state Chief minister by calling him a priest rather than an administrator. The south Indian talented actor had made these sensational comments in response to the murder of a female journalist /author from karnataka Ms. Gauri Lankesh.  It is not known as who killed this female who is notorious for making indecent comments on one of the majority community of Karnataka state “‘Lingayaths””. 

But The question arise when he and his similar ideology gang stays silent on Communist atrocities. The week after Gauri lankesh was killed, A Journalist in Tripura “Mr.Shantanu Bowmik”  was brutally killed and this state is being ruled by Communists since ages.  Why is Prakash Raj silent on this killing along with numerous deaths of right wing activists in Kerala who were all killed by Communist goons.


The female Journalist with Rational views and with a history of writing her own imaginary views about dominant and peaceful community of the state was killed recently at her home by an unknown gang. Though there were CCTV cameras in her home entrance and inside the house, the Police could not trace the culprits yet. No one has seen the offenders though there are multiple people present around the time of incident who only claiming to have heard the gun shots but not seen the men.

Gauri Lankesh murder

The series of incidents happening ever since 2014 started with the death of Mr.Kalburgi who was also a critic and provoking element of the society who had history of developing rivalry with Lingayats by writing some mysterious half baked stories which malign the image of this community.  This killing too was alleged by the left wing as an atrocity of the right wing party against the rational and liberal voices in the country though there are no evidences.

Interestingly, these incidents happened in the state of Karnataka which is being ruled by Congress party which is the major rivalry of right wing in the country.

Prakash Raj is not the only actor who raised his voice recently but also the southern superstar Kamal Haasan who is known for his atheistic philosophy who prefers independent free life style of having relation ships with women with no marriage. He expressed his view on Marriage institution as useless and not needed to have relation ship. He even seemed to have encouraged his daughters in this act.

Prakash raj silent on communist atrocities in the country

When it comes to the insane killings of journalists and right wing activists by the Communists in Kerala and west Bengal, the entire Liberal world goes numb.  The Media in the country hides on the day when a man is killed in Kerala by the communist Goons.

More than a Hundred are killed in Kerala in just the last decade as per the official reports and many More go unrecorded due to the Communist party political influence.  Here below, BBC reports about one such death of a young right wing activist who was killed by Communist Terror goons right infront of his mother. The heart broken mother is still in trauma :

Communist atrocities in kerala

The Indian common public have started questioning these liberals/rationalist /Intellectuals (they claim themselves as) as why these are silent on these killings which are quite more in number when compared to deaths of liberal journalists which are also suspected to be the killings by the party itself to gain attention.


These two are not the only suspicious deaths in the last 3 years, there are around 20 right wing leaders who were killed along with close to 10 police officials who were killed recently in a suspicious way. Gauri Lankesh was seen talking about her works on exposing some major corruption in the state of Karnataka which would hit hard on Congress party. IPS office Mr. Ravi was dead in the similar way who was working seriously on some major corruption cases and his death was highlighted as a suicide whose family claimed Ravi’s life as a perfect one with no reason to kill himself.

The Liberal Journalists and left wing communists are observed to have overacted to every incident in the last 3 years which could be possibly shown in the bad light of ruling right wing party and Prime minister. Similarly, the suicide of a student ” Rohit vemula” in Hyderabad central university was highlighted in the similar way as the murder of a dalit student by right wing forces. However, the student’s father himself claimed infront of media the next day that they are not dalits but a caste belongs to OBC in Andhra Pradesh. The communists still made huge cry of this death and tried surviving in the political line with this death. All the Anti Modi politicians including Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal made a que to visit HCU and condemned this death and expressed their support to the protection of dalits, Where as this student was no Dalit and is known to be a staunch hater of Saffron religion ( why? Because he is a brainwashed commie to hate any thing Indian). His videos abusing and attacking saffron flags and right wing students are seen on social networking sites.

A right wing student who was assaulted and injured by Rohit vemula and his gang had knocked the local Hyderabad court earlier . Rohit and his friends with extreme ideology were only suspended from hostel for few days because of this violent act on co student who was admitted in Hospital. Infact, the worried mother of victim actually filed a case in the court and also complained in the university.


The suspended Rohit was seen hanged in the hostel room and this is even suspected to be an act of internal left part activity to provoke more sections of the society to turn them against the ruling party.






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