Pellichoopulu movie gets National award

Pellichoopulu movie gets National award in the Best feature films regional ( Telugu ) category. The movie directed by debutant and featured almost all the debutant or unpopular actors received huge appreciations and also brought huge returns for the producer. The movie which was made with just 85 lakhs had bagged the national award whereas many movies in Telugu are made with huge budgets around 40Crs or more. The small budget movie directed by “Tarun bhaskar” had struggled initially to even find a buyer to release the movie and finally had to sell the movie to the Giant producer ” Suresh Babu” for a mere 1 cr who released the movie using his establishments in the industry.

Pellichoopulu gets national award

The fate of the entire team of Pellichoopulu changed with the success. The Lead actor Vijayadevarakonda is busy with around half a dozen movies which are being shot and the lead actress too bagged multiple projects. The crazy comedian ” Priyadarshi” had got an immediate opportunity to act in Super star Mahesh babu movie. The director is already booked by big producer for his next flick.

The director after tasting the success had expressed his struggles in getting this low budget movie released and finally why the team had to sell it to the other producer for low share.

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