Nipah Virus ,what is it,how does it infect humans, it’s symptoms, treatment…

Nipah Virus disease , the new Animal borne disease shocks virologists as it is easy to transmit in the animal habitat areas and India being a hub for so many domesticated animals with which humans live closely , is currently worried with the epidemic outbreak in it’s southern state Kerala.  The virus is earlier thought to be infected through pigs as it was felt the only source of outbreak in Malaysia but this killer has now proved to be infected through Bats. 

The information related to window period of Nipah virus, the incubation period, how exactly it spreads ( whether by contact with the carrier or through Air /water used by carrier) is being observed closely and hence it is clearly unknown about the actual ways of infection. However, the infected man can easily infect others in various ways.

Nipah virus in india
The virus could be spread through animals (Bats and pigs as shown)

The most shocking observation was the medical professional ( nurse) who was taking care of the patients (suffering from Nipah virus infections) also got infected and passed away with in a week of time proving it to be the most contagious and deadly virus humans have seen.


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